Who Looked More Bangin?

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Alicia Keys Made an appearance at Z100’s Jingle Ball while ANTM’s newest winner Saleisha is seen making a publicity run at Regis and Kelly.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin?

More pics of the two:


Also at the Z100 Jingle Ball was a bizarre looking Timbaland after having some spiked Eggnog:

TimbalandCrazyZ100JingleBallTimbaland Z100TimbalandcrazyZ100JingleBall2Timbaland Z100 2

Images via WENN

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  • ingrid

    Who cares who looked good I’m first

  • help me

    ummmmmm…i guess i look the best! with no one to compete with crack and smack look damn good!


    why is there no pic here!!!???????

  • leave it be

    um,,,ok? should we just start a new topic?

  • help me

    i would love to smoke your puppy

  • leave it be

    amy…fall back!

    snickers…lmao…that vest is the bidness!!!!!!!

  • help me

    his cute little paws could be confused with crack rocks

  • CubaLinda

    I cant think in this room no pics or nuthin, come on yall I need freakin inspiration… I refuse to work like this!!

  • leave it be

    seriously…imma need you to just leave my puppy alone….

  • leave it be

    bernice is prety hot….im getting jealous

  • wow

    snickers gravatar look more bangin😉

  • CubaLinda

    I aint putting it past amy, she done already puffed a few pups…

  • wow

    there we go… its fixed

  • wow

    ^^ yea you would think now that she’s off the show she would change her hair… thats not cute

  • CubaLinda

    Oh, yea Snickers what the hell went down in that PimpC post~ I said something in my opinion not even referring to noone in particular and Big Sista Almighty was all over my ish by the time I got home. I said, WTF?? I thought she was cool but I guess she schizo, matter fact she’ll be getting the ‘nothing’ gift this year for attacking innocent ppl!!

  • wow

    but lol @ her trying to add some curl to it…

  • help me

    my helmet is bloody better than saleisha’s. her face is kinda funny 2 – i pick alicia even though i know she won’t join me for a bit o’ rock

  • leave it be

    snickers,,,,my screen was blank for a minute…i dont know whats going on

  • help me

    going to watch LMN for a spot and then knock off – carry on people…

    i will leave the pup alone – he is a cutie – makes me want to knit him another cute winter wooly.

  • ChineseChickenWingz

    both-menage! cause i know ole girl would be wit it lol

  • wow

    its back!

  • i love... 'Puppies'

    i am not – thank you very much – carry on…(changed my name for giggles)

    gotta visit my hubby tomorrow – last time i went i almost fell ass over tit into the paparazzi

    i gotta do better

  • leave it be

    do i need a restrainig order?

  • CubaLinda

    I think you need securrrty!! Snickers can use the restraining order, she done went and copped her identity… Amy, I will testify against you, so watch it now!!

  • yes

    saleisha, her hair looks like something i would had in elementary though but its cute on her youthful face, i like that jacket

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