Caught Looking Busted: A Gallery Of Idiots Who Got Fired Over Facebook

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Idiots Who Got Fired Because Of Facebook

Facebook is a great place. You can keep up with your family, post your work and be happy. Just don’t say anything stupid and you won’t get fired. Well, some people don’t adhere to that. So what happens? These people got fired. SMH.


1. Essence Editor – The Editor over at Essence…who is white, got fired for posting his personal political views on Facebook. Smart move.

2. Racist Bartender – When her boss saw these posts she was removed on the spot.

3. Apple Employee – Pretty self-explanatory, here. Of course he got caught.

4. NFL Ref Gets Canned – A replacement ref was fired when it was revealed he was a Saints fan and was going to ref one of their games. How’d people know? He posted the pics on Facebook.

5. Banker Reveals Boss’ Salary –A banker named Stephanie Bon posted her boss’ salary like an idiot and ended up fired, naturally.

6. Christine Rubio – After one of her students drowned, she said she’d wanted to drown some more. Yeah, not a good look.

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    7. Eagles Employee – An Eagles employee was fired after dissing the entire team on Facebook. The guy, Dan Leone, typed this: Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver. . .Dam Eagles R Retarted!!

    8. Oregon Football – This Oregon football player, Jamer Holland, was kicked off the team for saying he only wanted to be friends with White people going forward.

    9. Woman Gets Fired ON FACEBOOK – Whoops.

    10. Don’t Blast The CEO – A temp worker, who was denied a raise called her CEO a “tool.” Wanna bet what happened next?

    11. Pervy High School Teacher – Look at this page. You’re a high school teacher, man.

    12. Dirty Cheerleaders – This Patriots Cheerleader, Caitlin Davis, got fired for posting racist and lewd pics on a passed out guy’s face.

    13. Teacher Had Too Much Fun – This teacher got fired for drinking. On vacation. Seriously.

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