Where is Kim Porter? Part 44

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Diddy and Kim Porter hosted Quincy’s ‘Stunna 16’ birthday party last night in the ATL. Chris Brown, Lauren London, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Omarion, and a slew of other celebs also hit up the party.

Diddy copped Quincy, who is Al B Sure’s son, a new Range Rover and a 1964 Lincoln Continental for his birthday.

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  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit

    Me First!!

  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit

    Dang Diddy, just upshow his daddy why dont ya!

  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit

    C’mon people, where the helky ya at how I am Firstm Second and Third!?!

  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit

    I did type that crap I said” C’mon people, where the hell ya’ll at. How am I First, Second, Third, and now Fourth?!?

  • Nina

    He looks just like Al B Sure.

  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit

    {tee hee}

  • Lili

    Can’t even front man…Diddy is a damn good stepdad. As long as these boys don’t grow up treating females the way he does…they should be exceptional.

    Kim looks great; I guess Cassie couldn’t expect to be at this function.



  • nickey

    I sound like a perv, but Quincy is fine!!!!

  • Lisa

    ok. WHY does a 16 year old need a new Range Rover AND a 1964 Lincoln?

    What is he going to aspire to, he already has it all.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Where’s his biological deadbeat daddy?

  • stacey

    Can you be a stepdad when you aren’t married to the momma? I don’t think so. He’s just his momma’s ex-boyfriend. Too bad his father wasn’t there. It would be nice if the kid had some decent role models in his life, like men that made commitments to the women they father children by, by marrying them (and women that think more of themselves than to be professional baby mammas).

  • grips

    I don’t see an engagement ring on Lauren London’s finger..there’s hope for me yet

  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit


    This is a time for celebrating life. Let’s leave the drama, that is Kim, Diddy and AL-BEE at home. – Where is Mary J when you needed her?

  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit


  • lalapaloosa

    I don’t care about the car, who’s his stepdaddy, or who his momma is!! Cuz I would buy my son two cars too!! And Am I only one that is seeing that this boy look mad good?

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com/ Bird

    I can’t wait to hear from Sandra Rose on this one. I have not seen Al B. Sure in one single pic. Is he a deadbeat dad or what? If that is the case, I’m gonna have to give Diddy props for stepping up and being a father figure to this boy, even if he is not the best example of manhood.

  • scorpio

    but nah, he’s 16 he doesn’t need two cars. in my humble opinion he’s too young/immature at that age for a new (luxury) car. they need to be concerned about him being safe on these roads. parents tend to forget that a vehicle is a deadly weapon and should be treated as such.

  • A True Gem

    To answer the question, Quincy’s dad was invited but he didn’t want to show up. He was jealous of the fact that Diddy has provided a better life than he could. I am not faulting dude, I’m just saying. I feel he should have shown up that is his son, he should had put his pride aside.

  • A True Gem

    I don’t see an engagement ring on Lauren London’s finger..there’s hope for me yet

    ^^^I promise ya’ll dudes crack me up with this Lauren London dating weezy stuff. LOL Maybe the girl has come to her senses.

  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit

    Ya’ll know that the FBI ,local law enforcement and Dateline News, is outside ya’ll’s door, bout to lock ALL YA asses up!! LMAO

  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit

    ^^^^^^ UH. . . WHOA Marquis de Sade, where ya azz been?? I could have used someone like you online earlier. I was bored out my mind talkin to myself ans ish.

  • http://www.JacksonDakota.com Mickit

    **80. . Baby**

    where u been???

    no homo


    true gem,,what do u mean by providing a better life,,did diddy grow the young men or just dated his mother,,for diddy has lots of children by different woman and not married to any of them,,and kim just dont have any shame for diddy is not really any one to look up too,,why because he is rich,,but he has no morals,he is a college drop out,and i still thinkl that he had something to do with big smalls death and tupac,,and than got rich,just because he pays child support to all those mother’s dont make him better then AL

  • JennaJoe

    I’m so glad that he finally cut his unibrow b/c he was ugly with it. Now his turning into a cut grownman

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