TI Post Sentencing Press Conference

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Posted by Bossip Staff

After TI received his sentence yesterday he held a press conference giving thanks and apologies to all those involved in his case.

Pop the thang to see TI give his awesome message to the youth.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  • DIVA1986


  • DIVA1986


  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/d65a657d8d1bd6365c5f8ee36c4f0142?s=80 QueenBEE-AUTIFUL

    The hip hop AL Sharpton, :organizations and foundations..lol

  • Luv-Lee


  • Sociopath's are living amongst human beings.

    Man it sounds like the system has broken him. Hell naw it didn’t it is making him stronger… This brother might be out debating like Malcolm use to. I hope he spends his time on the inside helping lost souls. TI if you need the calvary i have no problem driving a semi to Cuba.

  • http://dicooper.spaces.live.com/ DICooper


  • Starvedforperfection

    Stay Strong, Stay Smart and Stay Blessed T.I. Hold Firm!

  • GoldenBrownCutie

    Keep your head up TI! Do your bid, and get back to your family!!

  • DNA

    Lock him up and throw away the Prison. Once a thug always a thug. No roll model here people. Wake up for once.

  • Vitamin D

    Awesome? Was it really… awesome?

  • Mrs. A

    @ DNA—Anyone that makes the types of changes in their life that he has, and is not afraid to admit his own faults, is exactly the type of role (not roll) model that many of the black boys that I come across as a teacher, need.

  • statim08

    Don’t glorify a hoodlum. TI is not a role model. He’s a successful rapper, that’s it. One year in the pen is a very light sentence. Anyone else who committed his crime with his past record would’ve gotten a much stiffer sentence. His outreach in the schools was part of a plea deal. He had to do community service. He didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart. C’mon people, wake up to reality.

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    The guy to his left looks like George W. Bush

  • bronzedasian

    @ noelle,

    OMG i thought the same thing!

  • http://bossip Mm

    LUV ya T.i.

  • BE

    Okay TI enough talking already and please no talking from jail. He can be a role model for thugs and those on the street, to see there is another way out. He needs to open up some civic centers for the young..talking is bull unless you really ready to work with your community for change.

  • T-Flem in BAMA

    Even if T.I. was never sentenced to thousands of hours of community service, he would have still done activities in the community. T.I. is one of the few rags-to-riches celebs that hasn’t forgotten where he came from. Before he had gotten into trouble, he was ALWAYS in the ‘hood doing things for the less fortunate. Even if you seen him around the way, he would always speak, sign an autograph, or take a pic.

  • GeorgiaPeach

    Did he really pronounce the word similar as “simUlar”


  • http://www.madamethejourney.com Madame

    I’ve gained alot of respect during this “situation” of his. Do your time TIP, the best is yet to come …

  • facefacts

    nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo dont go ttttiiiiiiiiii!!!! ill be looking 4 ur album when u get out

  • EvesDebut

    Seriously? You were a CONVICTED felon!!!! Did you not think about what would happen if you put yourself in such a situation? Why is it that these rappers want sympathy from us when they know what they’re doing is wrong! Gangsters end up either dead or in jail. Do yourself a favor and grow up, you have children.

  • ako

    T.I. is a very smart and good brother. Silence all the hating. God Bless, bruh.

  • J

    That’s my nuuuuga! i luv Tip and Tiny funny looking ass.

  • J

    And stop all dat role model bashin…ain’t shyt wrong wit Tip tryin to help his community,. Shyt somebody gotta do it. What have you done lately?

  • J

    I just read EvesDebut shut the hell up! Don’t nobody want sympathy you insensitive bitnight. What u talkin bout??

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