Old School Meets Older School

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Two NBA studs of their time, Alonzo Mourning and Dr. J, played  18 holes at the Jazz in the Gardens Celebrity Golf Classic in Florida. Anthony Hamilton, Edrin Jame and more when you…

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  • Sociopath's are living amongst human beings.

    I love playing golf, but I enjoy tennis and chess more.

  • Cali_in_Va

    Damn, how many clowns were killed to make Zo’s pants?!

  • Green M&M



    He could have worn a pair of solid colored slacks!

  • Small Fries

    LMAO @ Cali….Yeah those slacks are blinding my screen!

  • spill

    they both look older and a bit corny, but can still get it! (hee hee)

  • John


    Maybe they should play golf in Jordans….

    They are both dressed for gold but Dr. J looks more conservative which is always a good thing. BTW, Dr. J’s chick is good-looking!

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Anforny!! I heard im an an interview on XM the otha day lol

  • always knew

    Glad to see evrybody doing well. Love Anthony Hamilton’s voice. 🙂

  • BE

    Alonzo Mourning…….I still love him even if he has on ugly pants…lol

  • #10 on the Chinese menu w/no MSG

    Old School Meets Older School

  • Scooby Dubious

    Zo looks like he’d be long off the tee and decent with the short irons. Bet he can’t putt worth a damn.

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