Your Weekend Beyonce Crack

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is one of the rare celebrity couples who love to go out and be seen. Joe Camel and Beyonce were spotted at the Nets vs. Knicks game last night in NYC.

We thought it was time to give the stans their weekend fix.

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  • Bird

    Thanks, I can never get enough of these two.

  • NorthernStar

    Wow, she looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more beautiful when she scraps the half a pound of makeup off her face. The hair is a little thick (I know some of it is hers), but still I approve. Very nice. I’m liking the new Beyonce 2.0 lately.

  • Mickit

    Overdosing. . . {flat lining}. . . . Save the BABY!!. . .


  • X

    Agreed, she does look much better sans 2lbs of make up and that tacky blonde wig. She also looks very happy here; can’t say the same for Jigga.

  • nahnah

    Beyonce = averagely pretty.

  • ako

    The good life.

  • Celeb Trainer

    Why is it that you never see a pic of them kissing, holding each other or touching? What’s up with that?

    Something smells strange here…

  • Africa Man

    Ever since Jay Z went to Africa and started acting like a wehite man, not wanting to mix with the locals and acting stuck up, I have lost respect for him. Also I have noticed even though he likes to be seen in public with his lovely girlfriend his body language is very cold. Come on every man will die to be with her so show abit of your romantic side, cold bastard.

  • Doc-2-B

    um, ok if people feel that they just want to be seen, then just stop posting pics of them. i’d love to see the black media turn a cold shoulder to them (believe me, the white blogs don’t give a damn about them…jayonce puts on these public displays for US). i’m curious what would happen…perhaps they would focus on 1)making quality music, and 2)for jay-z in particular, actually promoting def jam artists for a change? hmmm…

  • SW10

    i dont c the fuss about beyonce b/coz she jus looks like any average light skinned gal and that hair aint cute they look like dread locks.


    She’s pretty but more fat than she look on her videos

  • Mickit

    @ Africa Man

    It could be a biznizz move as to why he wit her. Don’t you think that he know “everrrr” (supposing) man wanna git at her. You heard “upgrade”- she is for show and tell. But, the sad thing is she knows it. What boosts’ a man ego more than to be with a wuman that everrr (supposing) man wants, can mistreat her (assuming) and know that she aint gonna go no where. Or maybe he has that thug image to uphold. You know thuggz don’t care!

  • Mary J Blige

    Free *

  • Ja

    You all sound so bitter. Damn.

    They obviously look happy together. They’ve been together for five years. I wish them well. I wouldn’t wish an unhappy relationship on no one.

  • Kimya

    Beautiful! They are so fabulous together!

  • SpearChucker

    Beyonce’s hair looks like Weird Al Yankovic’s

  • A True Gem

    @ SpearChucker

    Beyonce’s hair looks like Weird Al Yankovic’s


    It does LMAO, last time she had the bone straight now she wants the Kinky I trying my damn hardest to seem black with my wanna be thug fiancee kind of hair, SMH at these two.

    On the real Tailor Made and Tiffany New York Patterson have more love then Bey and J…tsk tsk tsk selling pics to the tabloids….SMFH (rolls eyes)

  • nahnah

    *Looking at Ja*

    The Beyonce apologists are starting to crawl out their shells. LOL!

    Anyway, Beyonce said it herself that Jay Z gives her credit. Of course that’s several years ago when she came out solo, but how far would she would have made it if her and Jay Z weren’t together?

    Remember how everybody hated Beyonce back in those days when her family crushed the dreams of those two girls?

    I’m sure he’s pounding her shaved cooch, but I’m not sure how ‘sincere’ they really are.

  • mayjadjor

    You haters make me laugh. If their relationship was just for show, it definitely wouldn’t last this long. Plus, any real Jay-Z fan can tell the difference in his lyrics since he’s been with B. All you need to do is pay attention. BTW… I love her with the dark hair.

  • Mickit

    MJB, shot out to me!!!

  • http://deleted Ja

    @ nannah

    I could give a damn about Beyonce. You seem to know all of the info about them and their relationship, so your infatuation is obvious.

  • cat4everrr

    i give that girl credit for knowing how to rock a million dollar smile. when the cameras are rolling she always have that smile on point

  • Mary J Blige

    I see you Mickit lol

  • lala

    you say your giving the STANS a fix when your really getting the fix yourself.

    many celebs go to basketball games—-it’s because they want to be seen? if you are sick of HER or the both of them why must you post their pictures with your sick as comentaries?

    even sitting their watching a game…you find fault with that.

    your pathetic and really nothing but haters with a website.


    MJB said :

    @ I Have A Baby Hand!

    For a disabled individual you sure do manage to type a lot of hate


    *slides off seat*

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