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The world’s ugliest bachelorette a.k.a New York officially made her decision. The next man to have his way with her is Tailor Made. SMH. This ho passed up one of the only straight black men to grace the show for this soft white boy with cash. Some people will do strange things for some change.

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  • Silhouette

    I can’t stand this broad. I actually havbe friends who waste their time watching this show.

  • Dalia

    I hate New York….with a passion. Even Flav was too good for her fake ass.

  • My Business

    I have a question tho is she a woman that use to be a man can someone answer that?

  • playlist

    this show was lame…flav’s show was actually entertaining

  • http://youngblacksocialite.blogspot.com youngblacksocialite.blogspot.com


    Long name but da best n urban celeb gossip

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r

    if the FICTIONAL CHARACTER lambchop got knocked up by the FICTIONAL character ernie klump, their FICTIONAL CHARACTER offspring would be this embarrassing, broke down and cartoonish tranny, “new york.” her sh*t is maggot rotten and someone needs to put that ho outside.


    Here is a picture of Tiger Woods daughter.. Notice how the blond mother has her hands folded.. That kid will definitely have mental issues..

  • Country Girl

    Who cares who Lamb Chop picked? I did not even entertain this buffoonery.

  • Yazzy

    man i agree… i should even came to this damn website today….

  • yes

    good for them and the 24 months is so they can actually date without cameras around, i wouldnt marry some guy after only a few months or however long they are in the house

  • DM

    She said 24 months, so she can get two more seasons out her show. This woman is a tranny.


    That drag queen that looks like Janice from the Muppets is not IN LOVE with Tailor Made. She is in love with his $$$$$$. Straight up gold digga!!!

  • http://deleted david586921

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  • detroit



    Reality Check!! New York got a good looking man that is financially secure to tell her how madly in love he is with her on TV!

    You COONS always complaining that black women get no props, well all the people who think NY looks like a man or is ugly should feel better about yourselves.

    Look on the bright side, New York got paid, made a name for herself, while y’all will have to monitor your calls from utility companies, credit card companies, etc..

  • mocha23

    Why did you spoil for the people who watch this show (bogus). I was upset that Punk did not get picked Buddha is an arrogant, abusive a**hole who would have beat her ass eventually. Tailor Made was a good choice I guess he know what women like a man bearing gifts she can’t be a golddigger because she was buying expensive jewelry for him also.

  • kara kor el

    Oh, he’s hot! why didn’t she chose the black guy?

  • kara kor el


  • MissyMiss

    Finally, New York used her head and stopped being so superficial, which is all she would have had with Buddha, a man that only looked good. Tailor Made was by far the better choice, he loves her and can offer her security, while Buddha was just out to further his career, he obviously was not in love with her, he could care less!!

  • weezy

    Is there going to be I Love NY 3 or a reality show that follows them around like Flava did with that big lady?



  • kaykay

    it is nothing wrong with a white man

    i’ll pick one any day over

    a black,ugly,abusive and arrogant one like budda

  • from1nappyHH2another

    listen to this good, people … Tailor Made BY FAR!!!! is the ONLY man that has ever loved this woman, so this was the smartest move she ever made!!! good for them, hopefully she won’t string him along and actually marry him .. you know sis paterson wants mixed kids, so this is perfect for them!! buddah, as fine as he was, has serious anger issues and he should not be with any woman, let alone a sister, with that mess .. so, as much as i am not a new york fan, this man loves her and from what i hear, she is actually IN LOVE with him too! *shuddering* but oh well πŸ™‚

  • iluvprada

    SOOO not cool, that you ruined the finale for us!!!! I agree, you should have named the title “WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO NY ENDED UP WIT?”

  • iluvprada

    My bad…”you” And even though I am not a fan of hers, I still think you should have given your readers a choice!

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