Woman Tries To Set Up Assault, Poses As Cougar Looking For Role Play

In Crazy White Folks News: British Woman Set Up Coworker’s Assault By Posing As Cougar Interested In Violent Freaky Role Play

- By Bossip Staff

The “catfishery” is hitting whole new levels out here…

Woman Uses Cougar Fantasy Websites To Set Up Freaky Assault On Coworker

Man, how much do you have to hate your coworker to set her up like this? She must have stolen her lunch out of the break room one time too many… DailyMail reports:

A woman arranged for her work colleague to be raped at home by men she tricked on online sex chatrooms, a court heard today.

Joanne Berry, 30, is alleged to have posed on websites including Cougar Shag as a woman who liked ‘role play’ in sex and wanted ‘to create some sort of rape scenario’. On one occasion she instructed a man, Dean Hicks, to knock at her front door and then burst in and ‘rape’ her.

But Berry, a temporary administrator from Grove Park, south east London, didn’t give Mr Hicks her own address, but that of a female acquaintance, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

‘How did she do it? She went on various sex chat websites. She pretended she was [the victim], she gave [the victim’s] address, she used her name, she gave the registration of her car which was going to be parked outside, pretended to be her.

‘She then told the men to come round and engage in a fantasy rape game with her, basically to rape her.’

Not only was she determined to get her colleague assaulted, she was doing so at the cost of some innocent superfreak looking for a little random rough cougar action. Cold world.




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