A Perfect Flop

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

Someone just got served a lump of coal for Christmas. Gabrielle Union’s A Perfect Holiday debuted at 6th place with a measly 3 Million. Maybe she’ll spend more time finding better scripts than bitchin about Black blogs.

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  • wow

    I saw the chipmunks this weekend

  • cat4everrr

    black females in hollywood can’t get no love

  • La. Finest

    cat4everrr exactly and wonder why Gabby dissing black blogs that statment right there explains it all. I saw that Chipmunks movie too it was cute.

  • La. Finest


  • Dalia

    Black entertainment blogs should be supporting the black females in the industry; not always tearing them down.

  • wifey

    I agree that there are too few black actors and movies to tear each other down, but on the other hand, Gabby did come off a bit salty about the fact that the public is interested in her personal life. The same people that she was angry about prying into her life are the same people that support her in her movies. She’s not experiencing anything special that Tom Cruise, Will and Jada, Denzel, etc. etc. haven’t experienced. The papparazzi is a mutha.

  • angel eyes

    yo she looks phat as hell in that pic, Gabrielle Union’s Christmas gift this year- humble pie maybe now she would want the media to pry into her private life becus her movies definitely need some more media publicity

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  • Country Girl

    Wow, poor Gabby. Don’t she know that “urban” movies don’t sell? I guess that she will have to get buck naked and f**k Billy Bob Thornton on film too to get some love. We cry because “They” don’t make movies about us, and when “they” do, we don’t support them. Damn shame.

  • anon

    my god, she looks good enough to eat, god DAMN, goddamn

  • Lady Architect

    it doesn’t look very good from the commercials.

  • DM

    Go support our people, please.

  • CubaLinda

    I like Gabby and I want to see the movie, it looks entertaining- you know just sumn silly and fun…

  • Harlem Chic

    If I see one more movie with her and Morris Chestnutt I’m going to lick a NYC subway pole….

  • http://www.muslimonly.com/i/registration ann

    She needs support.. especially from her man. but the journalist reported that she is seeking her man on the famous muslim singles seeking ;loves site http://www.muslimonly.com/i/registration, then she has no man currently.  What a pity woman! I am on of her fans and she is in my prays!

  • Moonchild

    If I see one more movie with her and Morris Chestnutt

    LMAO! I feel you Harlem Chic! Gabby plays the same role repeatedly, and Morris is ALWAYS her man.

  • Hope

    Maybe if her movie didn’t look so predictable and stupid people may have went out to see it!



  • imdone

    @Lee – co-sign.

    Plus, I never even heard of this movie, never mind go see it.

  • Mrs


  • Angel_Minded

    I kinda figured the movie was gonna flop. The problem is, that Gabby can’t act, and none of her films are of any substance. Does she honestly believe that just because she’s black that we’re suppose to support garbage? Why can’t she do films that showcase her ability as an actress? Why does black hollywood keep picking the same tired @ss actors in their films? SMDH

  • greatone

    She is a hottie. I saw her profile on millionaire dating site WealthyRomance.com last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire now.

  • Bahama Mama

    The movie looks stupid…but I guess us being black people on a black blog and she’s in it, we wouldn’t like it anyway.

    Right Gabby?

  • Soul Cry

    It’s too bad that it didn’t do well…hate to see black movies flop. Especially when they are just based on our lives (ie family, relationships, hardships)

  • Are you serious?

    She needs to realize her faults too and stop pointing fingers.

    She has no depth and plays the same character in every damned movie. Typecast…

    Gabrielle Union as Gabrielle Union.

    Maybe some of them would get noticed more if they ditch that stupid long ass weave with the part on the side. She needs to shut her nappy head – side grimacing ass up.

    Hell they’re all starting to look alike, you can’t tell one from the other.

    On the Essence cover it looked like they had on one big ass wig that was connected. Damned clones…

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