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Report Shows Americans Believe Black People Are The Most Racist

Despite the undeniable influx of racist incidents involving white people acting offensively toward African-Americans over the last 2 years, a report released last month shows that many whites actually believe black people to be the most racist of them all.

via Black Blue Dog

In a report released last Wednesday, it was reported that Americans see blacks as being more racist than whites or Hispanics. The survey was part of the Rasmussen Report.

This is definitely a shocking report to many folks because not too many people would conclude that Blacks are the most racist. With civil rights organizations on the forefront for the rights of people of color, this new study paints a very disturbing picture of African-Americans.

A national telephone survey concluded that 37 percent of U.S. adults viewed blacks as racist compared to 15 percent for whites, and 18 percent for Hispanics. The report also stated, ‘about 49 percent of conservative Americans consider blacks the most racist ethnic group, while 12 percent regard whites the most racist. And about 27 percent of liberal Americans saw whites as the most racist, and 21 percent, blacks.’

When it came to one’s political ideology, the report showed that ’49 percent of Republicans say that blacks are the most racist, and 29 percent of Democrats agree.’

This sounds like yet another attempt by white people to try and deflect from all the racist stuff happening on a regular basis involving whites being outwardly racist towards blacks. Do you agree with any of these findings, Bossip fam?

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