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Teyana Taylor Speaks On Tae Heckard’s Betrayal On Breakfast Club In The Morning

Teyana sat down with The Breakfast Club this morning and cleared up the rumors about her broken engagement to NBA player Brandon Jennings, and his new relationship with her ex-bBFF, expired video-vixen Tae Heckard. The 23-year-old singer went in on Tae for pretending not to know about her engagement to Brandon, despite being “besties” with Teyana since she appeared on “My Super Sweet 16.”

Tey also calls Tae a manipulator running after a young baller at the tender age of 36, and claims she is the real source of recent bad rumors about Teyana hitting the media. Peep the clip below (she gets right to it when the interview begins):

The GOOD Music singer hit a lot of the hot points about the alleged love triangle.

On Brandon downplaying their engagement and calling Tae Heckard his “first real relationship:”

Brandon knows, I know, and the world knows that we were engaged. But if you forgot that then I forgot that too…I was disappointed, because I felt betrayed because of everything that we’ve been through on and off for six years.

On Tae Heckard betraying their friendship and being a veteran thirst-bucket:

There’s always that one girl that you go through everything with, and you don’t shock her anymore. Brandon doesn’t shock me anymore…so my issue is not with Brandon. I’m not even upset, because I know him. My issue is with Tae because we were friends.

Here’s the issue: You’re 36 years old. You’re a grown woman. I’m 23. How old are we here? When it hit the blogs, I called her. I found out via the blogs! I called her and she got defensive. I was like “Tae, lower your tone, it’s okay.” Because when you’re friends with somebody, you’re more hurt and disappointed than angry…

My issue with Tae is what Tae Did was wrong, but it’s not the first time she’s done it to anyone. You’re 36, he’s 24. Are you just willing to deal with any dude that’s irresponsible enough to give you a child? Older men will chin-check that ass…a younger dude is like “Oh, we worship Tae!” so it’s easier for her to mind-f*ck them. Tae, I know her whole run down. I peeped how you get down. Because like, why would you come for [mine]?

On if she and Tae could ever be friends again:

Absolutely not! That’s gross.

Teyana went on to shut down rumors that Brandon broke up with her and went chasing after Tae’s older cakes because she wasn’t giving up the goods.

It wasn’t because I wasn’t giving up the goodies. I lost my virginity to Brandon 2 years after we were engaged. Me doing that was my decision, it’s something I was ready for. Actually, when we did that we were broken up. Once I gave it up, I said “we need to be friends.” This wasn’t like an, “oh let’s do it and be together.” And the fact that I’m not just out here f-ing everybody, of course you’re going to always go back to your comfort zone. When I’m ready to have my second, I’m going to do that.

Well, she looks about ready to hop back up on that horse to us with the way that she’s been flashing her cakes all over Instagram lately…

We’re surprised Teyana’s having such a mature response to getting played like this! After hearing more of her side of the story, do you sympathize? Do you think Tae betrayed her young friend and went running after a baby baller 12 years her junior to get saved after Nelly tossed her to the side?



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