Lots Of Love: Most Memorable Celebrity Mother’s Day Gifts Of All Time

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Most Unforgettable Celebrity Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. While you’re still trying to think of what to get her, take a look at these celebrity gifts and how crazy some of them are.

Dwyane Wade – He bought his mother her own church called Temple Of Praise.

Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon – Nick bought his wife/mom a 4-carat diamond/sapphire custom necklace that cost upwards of $12,000.

LeBron James – He bought his mom a Porsche one year for Mother’s Day.

David and Victoria Beckham – They bought their moms matching $43,000 Audis.

Teddy Bridgewater – The NFL prospect just bought his mom a pink Escalade.

Diddy – He pulled triple duty a couple of years ago, spending the day with one baby momma, then taking Kim to dinner and taking the kids. Then he spent the rest of the night with his own mom.

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    Justin Bieber – He made a song for his mother one year for Mother’s Day…which is probably worth a ton of money.

    Kanye West – He once bought Kim 10 Burger Kings. Um…okay?

    Rihanna – She posted a touching message to her mother on Instagram last year. We hope she bought her something, too.

    Leonardo DiCaprio – He dedicated an entire garden to his mother and grandmother.

    Lil Wayne – This is memorable because of the circumstances…Wayne had to write his mom a letter from jail in 2010. Sadz.

    Kevin Hart – He bought his ex-wife and baby momma a heart necklace last year as a nice gesture. Not bad, buddy.

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