PETA to Vick: “No Profiting From Murderous Deeds…Like Our Show Does”

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Vick is shopping around an apology book. The book is detailing the events that have taken him here. Well the PETA president is not having it:

Jailed dog-fighter Michael Vick is looking for a book deal, we hear. The former Atlanta Falcons star, now serving 23 months for taking part in a dog-fighting ring, is said to have literary agent Scott Waxman shopping a proposal for a memoir. And People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is howling. “What will he call his book, ‘Vick: One Lucky Dog’?” asks PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk. “If Vick has started writing this book while in jail, the proceeds should fall under the rule that says a felon can’t profit from his murderous deeds.”

Waxman didn’t return calls, but no doubt Vick’s book would tell the saga of his rise from poverty to being the highest-paid player in the NFL. Vick, who is now in bankruptcy proceedings, has been told by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that his chances of playing football again depend on whether he demonstrates sufficient remorse. So no doubt the book will be a big mea culpa.

Still, Newkirk argues, “Shame and contrition mean keeping a low profile and letting time tell that you’ve reformed, not angling for … a return to stardom and a book deal.” Since his victims were dogs, it may be unlikely that Vick’s book would be subject to the “Son of Sam Law,” named for David Berkowitz, the killer who took his commands from a dog named Sam. “The dogs don’t get their lives back,” snarls Newkirk. “They were kept in pens longer than he was.

Dammit PETA! Leave this man alone and let him live! You wont let him write a book on his wrong doings, but you will benefit from the dogs with the show you produced on Animal Planet?


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