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Some votes just don’t count.

The nauseating and never-ending conversation about rap music and the frequent use of “the n-word” continues to be an issue of “importance” to white people all across America. Over the past 12 months the news cycle has been ripe with sports stories revolving around this 6-letter, hot button, polarizing pronoun. The folks at BlackSportsOnline put us up on this self-righteous writer who wants to play n-word police.

Yesterday, Washington Post columnist Mike Wise took to Twitter to express his displeasure with the high-decibel “gangster rap” playing in the Indiana Pacers locker room.

First and foremost, Mr. Wise, you’re there to be a fly on the wall and report on sports. Secondly, you work for the Washington Post, not an Indiana newspaper, so you probably have very little insight into the Pacers locker room. Thirdly, just STFU.

Flip the page to read the rest of good ol’ Mike Wise’s tweets

Clearly, Mike is adept at intertwining his ignorance (Tyga is a “ganster” rapper??) with condescension (“my bad, dawgs”???) and faux concern for the non-black Pacers’ sensitive ears. He’s not alone though, a lot of white people are good at this when it comes to the n-word.

How the hell does he know what is going on in other players heads? Was he studying under the X-Men’s Charles Xavier to become a mind-reader prior to going to journalism school? We’re 100% positive that this isn’t these guys’ first time hearing rap music OR the n-word.

Sit here, Felicia Mike.

Well it’s a good thing Mike isn’t Adam Silver, because apparently Commissioner Silver (as well as his previous boss Commissoner David Stern) believes that grown azz players can decide for themselves what kind of music they are comfortable hearing.

Why do white folks continually think they have a right to comment on INTRA-racial issues that are of no consequence to them? Just toast your pumpernickel bagel and make sure you don’t get caught being a Donald Sterling and everything will cool, yo.

Of course, one of Mike’s white peers saw fit to toss his pennies into the convo as well…

Ed Murrieta, you can have a seat next to Felicia Mike.

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