Still Fu*kin For Publicity

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

These Hollyweird relationships move awfully swiftly. After recently breaking up with “fiancé” Nick Cannon, Selita Ebanks and her massive dome has moved on to the next fellow. Page Six is reporting that she is seriously dating tennis player James Blake.

Someone should fire her agent. At the rate she’s going, every man in the industry will have a shot with her by the time she gets an acting gig.

Nick Cannon, who has been linked to Miss USA Rachel Smith since the break-up says that he and Selita are still cool.

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  • bobshiddgi

    This guy has posted his personal ad to a celebrities dating site for several months. That site called ‘ searching millionaire dot com’. I just visited his profile page yesterday.

  • http://deleted keith

    i give yall gossip chicks that one.

  • http://deleted keith

    i meant the chicks runnin this web site,talkin about how big her forhead is.

  • Lili

    Oh her dating habits aren’t different from any of the other Hollywood types. If Nick was her last guy, their faux engagement ended a little while ago; she might as well get out there and look for the real thing. lol

  • Angel_Minded

    Whew! James Blake is a hottie! LOL- well he’s a major upgrade from corney @ss Cannon

  • Bahama Mama


    SHE BESTS BACK the hell off of James…His cute self!!

    I thought he liked white women…hmm

  • ayo

    james blake, eh? dang, well i guess im just glad he likes women of color (kinda???)

  • Anna

    Both James Blake and Nick Cannon are handsome but I’m feeling Blake more. He looks a little bit like a combination of Boris Kodjoe (not as hot though) and Lenny Kravitz.

  • sexiichar

    Massive dome??? LMMFAO

  • Angel_Minded

    They’re saying Selita is f*cking for publicity because her agents are constantly letting us know her status- she’s a model don’t nobody care about her love life..personally i think she got way too much hype to begin w/

  • demeyez

    she looks like him in drag!

  • kia the original

    whatever floats her boat! he is kinda cute tho!

  • dayg715

    ok, everybody, all together now:

    WHO CARES??????

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r

    outta these two dudes…ima say, i’d rather, if i had to, go w/the one on the right.

  • Keisha


    What a silly comment you made about Nick.

    There’s nothing wrong with Nick Cannon. He’s hot successful and has no problem dating beautiful women. James Blake and Selita look good together though.

  • Mary J Blige

    oh my, James Blake is hot tamale…if only he had some hair on that big ol egg nog of his. such a cute smile

  • tooty

    what a great looking couple!!!!

  • DC

    My husband looks MO better…

  • FyreStarrter

    JB is a true hottie. Selita I don’t really care for because it was obvious when she was engaged to Nick that he wasn’t the only one putting coffee in her cream (check her myspace page out). JB is a great guy with a good heart (hence the reason he now has no hair-he cut it to donate it for charity) & I seriously hope this doesn’t last & forehead finds someone else to leech onto & advance her “career”. SMDH

  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    That James Blake is a cutie. I ain’t even mad at Selita for that one. He could get it for publicity or none at all.

  • KillaBeeSwarm

    Massive dome? Big forehead? You’re letting your hate shine through. Selita is “sop with a biscuit” fine. n fact, I’m about to break out the Bisquick.

  • T.J.

    I’m just glad to see James with a black woman. I can cheer for him now. Who the F is Selita Ebanks. NEXT! on her… like me. Call me James. Fine, successful, Harvard….WHEW

  • andie

    I’m about to TRIP Selita for encroaching on my fiancee. I love James and I’ve been a fan forever. SO glad that his blonde J-block sideline ho is out of the picture. AT least Selita is somewhat black. They would have beautiful children.

  • T.J.

    Cosign with Andie:

    SO glad that his blonde J-block sideline ho is out of the picture. AT least Selita is somewhat black

  • Anonymous

    Wow, calling her out her name for dating 2 known celebrities. I think that’s a bit harsh, don’t you?

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