Holding Grudges: 15 Old Feuds That Have Never Been Resolved

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Unresolved Celebrity Feuds

We’d like to think that all celebrity feuds end in truces. They don’t. Some end horribly or never end at all. Here are some nasty feuds that never got resolved.

50 Cent and Ja Rule – While Ja Rule has claimed that everything should be fine now, 50 hasn’t made any such gesture. Don’t trust him, Ja!

50 Cent and The Game – They’re the biggest angry rappers around so naturally they haven’t resolved their issues. There’s too much money in fighting.

Jay Z and Lil Wayne – They’ve been trading insults for almost 10 years now. Are they friends or are they enemies? Who knows?

Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas – They haven’t spoken ever since Magic heard Isaiah told people he got AIDS from being gay.

Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon and Eminem – Mention Eminem to Nick and Mariah and see what happens.

Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump – They’ve been arguing for years over who’s the most annoying person…and we all lose.

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    Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas – Jordan didn’t like Thomas bullying him in the NBA and walking off the court when he lost…and they still hate each other.

    Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan – Hillary took Lindsay’s man…and there’s still some bad blood.

    Joe Budden and Consequence – They fought a few years ago and they still don’t need to be in the same building.

    Foxy Brown and Lil Kim – This nasty feud hasn’t gone anywhere and it’s from the 90s!

    Suge Knight and Everyone – Man, nobody likes Suge. From Dr. Dre to Snoop, he was totally hated and still is.

    Prince and Michael Jackson – They didn’t get along for the longest and it went until Michael Died unfortunately.

    Bloods and Crips – Will this feud ever end?

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