Madonna Adopting Another African Baby

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Madge is adopting another little sister from the Motherland:

Officials have confirmed Madonna is adopting a 3-year-old girl, Mercy James, from Malawi. “The adoption is going ahead,” Malawi’s Director of Child Welfare Services, Penstone Kilembe, tells “It has been at an advanced stage for some time.” Mercy will be Madonna’s fourth child, and second child from the African country. David Banda, 3, was adopted in 2006. Although the Associated Press reports that the girl’s father is alive, an official at the ministry of Gender and Child Development told Reuters that she “has no father and mother, they both died…We finished the assessment yesterday in readiness for the courts next week.” Madonna is due in court Monday. Her rep Liz Rosenberg has yet to comment.

Earlier this week, New York’s Daily News reported that Madonna’s attempts to adopt again could be hindered due to her love life. “Our official policy is that we do not encourage our children to be sent into broken homes,” a senior official from Malawi’s Ministry of Women and Child Welfare Development said of the singer, who has romanced 22-year-old model Jesus Luz and Alex Rodriguez since divorcing Guy Ritchie last year. “Her relationships may negatively affect the adoption of Mercy.

Madonna has expressed interest in wanting to adopt another child.”Many people – especially our Malawian friends – say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister,” she recently told Malawi’s The Nation newspaper. “It’s something I have been considering but would only do if I had the support of the Malawian people and the government.”

Madge can’t get her love life straight, nevertheless she feels capable of raising stable children into adulthood like… herself.


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  • first

    first hooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeees!

  • Psuedo Baby-Hair...(Why does Young Dro SOUND like he sanks????)

    Good…the boy needs to know what other black people look like…Brad and Angie should take note….

  • Frankie says holla

    I thought the adoption agency rejected her application to adopt the child? Anyway, she shouldn’t be allowed to adopted another kid, when her own family life is f*cked up. If anyone should be adopting kids, it should be Guy Richtie. At least he seems like a respectable parent. Madonna broke up the marriage because of her need for A-Rod’s Latin rod.

  • Ohio_888

    Adopt me

  • BeanTown

    I don’t know what it is, but when I see white celebrities adopting African Children I see Accessories.

  • atlcpa

    Good Luck to her, hopefully it’s not as much drama as last time

  • Holla

    Thank God. At least these kids will have a chance. It’s not like Black folks adopt black kids from Africa often.


    shes going to hire somebody to take care of the kid anywayz

  • good 4 her

    @mild sauce

    oh whatever, how many african americans living in america were taught anything about thier heritage from their parents? Im sure madonna will teach her african children alot about thier heritage. I can’t believe people are bashing her when she’s doing a great thing ! She has donated alot of money to malawi orphanages, go learn something.


    I hate it when I hear people say celebs use these children as accessories. I really don’t think people understand the poverty level that these children are being taken out of. Being homeless in America is like being rich in some of these countries. African children can not go to soup kitchens the way homeless Americans do every day. I would only hope that more rich would adopt. I rather see them with full heathcare & used as accessories than dying of hunger and AIDS.

    The sad part is you would never see blacks adopting kids that are so black. We still mate certain people so our kids hair can come out relaxed.

  • Panda

    How kind she is.I think she is a great mother.I found Madonna’s profile on the hottst dating palce……She worte newest blog about her adopting.She is sincere

  • serene

    @ good 4 her

    Madonna past that boy off to the Nanny. Especially now that guy ritchie is over seas, its the boy and the nanny. The boy is going out to play, its the nanny taking him out to play. She seems ot only have the boy when she’s leaving her kabalah meeting. Its not enough to have money, whatever happen to genuinely nuturing the child. Guy did that. Madonna is all about madonna.

    I respect angie, but not this bytch. Just look how she use power and influence to speed up her process when she adopted David.

  • good 4 her

    people are acting like madonna walks on roberstson boulevard everyday holding her african child’s hand ! Come on, she’s not using anyone as an accessory, that’s so stupid to even say. This child would probably not live past her 10th b-day if madonna didn’t adopt her. Give praise where it’s due, i just think most of you have some issue with madonna, i mean in that case, i guess we shouldn’t allow anyone to have a child who is not seemed fit, how many strippers out there have children lol? Is that ok with you?

  • good 4 her

    @ serene – a nanny is the same as a babysitter, how many people work and leave their child with a babysitter or daycare or with a grandmother ??? That’s not a good enough reason to not want madonna to adopt a child from africa and save a life. You don’t know what madonna does on a daily basis, your reasoning is all off.

  • jo

    rich black celebrities have nannies too but i don’t see none of ya’ll sayin sh*t about that. Good for madonna, she’s gonna give that kid a good life.

  • Frankie says holla


    I totally agree that African Americans should consider adopting more African children w/o thinking about how their skin tone matches up w/ the rest of the family. But is that really the African American community’s fault for not having a real connection with the motherland, or the white man telling us to hate all things Africa?

    But I am still not feeling it Madonna adopting more kids…

  • serene

    a nanny is not the same as a babysitter lol especially if your rich lol

    And its not just the nanny, its madonna herself.

    And i wonder why these same people aren’t interested in adopted in a child, from here. There are babies out here that need homes too.

  • Frankie says holla


    cosign. There are thousand of african american children that go unadopted all the time…

  • serene

    It would be nice to see more african americans adopt african children, but how many of us can afford it. The adoption process here cna stressful as it is here, add taht to adoptin a child from overseas, plus the cost most of us can’t afford it.

    Rich black folks now….i don’t understand. I’ve always wondered why Oprah never adopted especially since she does so much work in africa.

  • lovelylady826

    Ok, so clearly you all don’t know what you’re talking about. Madonna is breaking TWO laws by stealing these kids from their families. The first “legal adoption” was not finalized until close to A YEAR after she took the poor kid from the father! In Malawi, the law prohibits transnational adoption. AND they NEVER grant adoptions to single parents. So just because she’s Madonna, she swooping in, being extremely patronizing, and BREAKING THE LAW and getting off scot-free. You all should do your research about the family structure in Africa. Just because the parents aren’t around DOES NOT MEAN the child is an orphan. The vast network of extended family and community would ensure the the child would have a family life.
    AND also, what can Madonna teach those kids about Malawi. Those poor kids are now going to lose their culture, just because Madonna thinks they’re cute to carry around in public.

  • whatever


    her son David did not have a mother and his father WANTED him to be adopted because he said out of his own mouth he wanted a better life for his child. Madonna did not steal anyone’s kid. Ya’ll just sound bitter because madonna is a white woman. Puh lease like how many of your parents taught you anything about your african heritage? It’s easy to learn, go pick up a book or two and read it. Don’t use excuses for not knowing about your culture.

  • *Treasure*

    Maybe it is a good thing. David will have someone his own age and race to bond with. If Madge is doing this for publicity the children will be in a better environment. They will have the best education that money can buy. Madonna may be wacky but I would certainly chose Hollywood than being impoverished with no food, inadequate shelter, and lack of medical care.

  • good 4 her

    @ serene

    It’s one thing to say a person doesn’t have the money to adopt a child, i understand that and completely agree with you, but why not let someone who can afford to adopt a child go ahead and do it? who cares if madonna is white? That’s not an issue. Obama had a white mother and was raised by white grandparents and he turned out just fine. Now for rich celebs who dont’ adopt, i agree with you, i can’t figure that out either. Oprah will allll that money won’t even adopt a child, though she does do alot for charity, but damn she spoils the hell out of her damn dogs, that is crazy to me. She’s going to leave her dogs millions (the details of her Will were published).

  • jo

    tom cruise’s adopted son is african american and he was adopted right here in america… i say white celebs are settin an example and black celebs should follow !

  • serene

    @ good 4 her

    I don’t care that Madonna is white. You won’t see me say this about angela, cuz i feel she’s genuine about what she’s doing. its her, madonna lol I personally feel that this is a ego thing for Madonna. There is nothing bigger than her ego. When you think back about the process of how David was adopted, it seemed almost as if she went over there, said i’m madonna, flashed some cash, and got what she wanted. The adoption was only finalized recently like lovelylady noted.

    And any about who can afford to adopt should adopt.

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