Bossip Presents David D.’s Week In Review: Nicki Minaj, Racist Jokes And Groupon Dates!

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Bossip Week In Review By David D.

Hi everyone. It’s me, David D. again with more thoughts on a week that passed. You all seemed to enjoy the first installment…except for those of you who didn’t…so I got invited back. Yay for everyone!

So without further ado, let’s read about what happened this week.


1. Who Let V. Stiviano Talk? – Last week ended with Donald Sterling’s mistress aka the Robin to Superhead’s Batman, V. Stiviano, talking to Barbara Walters about her newfound fame. You ever hear the saying that it’s better to let people assume you’re dumb than it is to talk and remove all doubt? Well, this strong-faced Cro-Magnon surely didn’t. Welp, these jumpoffs are winning in 2014. And we really have one person to thank/blame…


2. Monica Lewinsky Wants Her Throne Back – Monica Lewinsky was the foremother for side chicks winning. Thanks to her side chicks and groupies are getting TV shows, books and everything. She probably wishes she could go back and patent being a sidechick or something so she can get some residuals for every dollar Love & Hip-Hop makes.

But Monica took it too far by trying to correct Beyonce. Hey, you. Shhhh.

3. Music Break: Listen to Dee-1 – Think rap is full of useless crap and it’s ruining our society? Well, Dee-1 will change your mind. He’s one of the best out and he always has a message. Here’s his latest song, “Jason Geter” produced by 5th Child.

Nicki Myx Feat

4. Nicki Minaj Is A Human Being – Can we take a moment to acknowledge how good Nicki Minaj looks now that she looks like a regular human? There’s a lot to learn here: you don’t need all that crazy a$$ makeup and gimmicks to look good. I bet Nicki would still have looked good without the implants, too. Regardless, her new look and Instagram are treasure troves.

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