**UPDATE** Shook Ones: Isht-Talkin’ Criminal Apollo Nida Forced To Apologize To T.I. On Instagram For Calling Him A “Snitch” [Video]

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If it ain’t one thing, it’s a muhfuggin’ other with this guy…

Apollo Nida’s scandalous exploits have been well-documented. He’s a reality TV puppet, an ain’t isht husband, a criminal, and now, a government informant. The last recently earned title on that last makes this story the most ironic.

Wednesday, news broke that RHOA’s resident d-bag would be cooperating with investigators in participating in recorded conversations with other known criminals. Obviously, once Twitter got hold of this news, slander ensued, and Apollo tried his best to defend his honor in 140 characters. In doing so, he referenced T.I.’s federal plea deal for weapons possession and, in essence, insinuated that he too had been a cooperative party in a federal investigation.

That didn’t go over too well with the Family Hustler. Tip ran into Apollo outside a popular Atlanta shake jawn, The Blue Flame, and asked him kindly to explain exactly WTF he meant by his slick azz comment.

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike documented the encounter and shared the hilarity on Instagram.

T.I. looks like he’s not trying to hear a cotdamn word punk azz Apollo is saying!

Flip it over to see how the tense confrontation ended.

Images via YouTube/Ben Rose

Looks like the Harris’ got a kick out of Apollo’s backpedaling

On the following pages, you can read the tweets that T.I. probably made Apollo post further apologizing for his disrespectful comments.

Bet he watches his mouth next time.

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