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Mona Scott-Young Says Benzino’s Shooting Was A Blessing For LHHATL

What would you do for a hit TV show? LHHATL Executive Producer Mona Scott Young claims to not be the one pulling the strings behind all the drama on her VH1 reality but in a new Vibe Magazine interview she’s making those claims hard to believe.

Mona says she think Benzino’s recent near fatal shooting at his mother’s funeral was a blessing the “reality gods” and she was fortunate to capture it for the show…

“The timing and the way that it happened, you have another moment that you go, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like the reality gods have once again chosen this show to smile upon.”

So, Mimi’s nasty freaky flick must have a been a real gift from the “reality gods” as well?

The entertainment value is undeniable. So are the scandals. In mid-April, Vivid Entertainment released Mimi’s sex tape, Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta. Pre-sales hit $400,000, and founder/CEO Steven Hirsch says, “It may wind up being one of our all-time best sellers.” Even CNN picked up the story.

Vivid won’t reveal who brought them the tape; a rep only confirms that it was a “third party,” not Mimi or Nikko. Mimi’s sticking to this: Nikko misplaced his luggage with the tape in it on a return trip from the Bahamas. Once Hirsch got hold of it and contacted them, she couldn’t refuse the potential profit. The natural suspicion is that Vh1 orchestrated the whole thing. Vivid won’t confirm or deny that either.

Shooting down that rumor, Mona says neither she, nor the network, had a role in shooting the tape, shopping it or distributing it. “I have no vested interest in that tape beyond that it’s part of Mimi’s story,” says Mona. When Mimi first told her about its existence, Mona had her doubts. “When she called and said, ‘The head of one of the biggest porn companies got a copy of it,’ did I have my own questions? Of course. Like, really? How did he know it was you? How did he get your phone number?” says Mona. “Did I go, ‘Oh god, this is gonna be insane in the worst and the best way?’ Yes, absolutely. ’Cause ultimately, I’m producing a show that you hope gets ratings and you hope people respond to. Good or bad. I’m just here to document it.”

Mona is one helluva puppet master. Can you really knock her hustle or is she bust exploiting Black people for money making dollars?



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