Are You Feelin This Get-Up??

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Posted by Bossip Staff

The projects’ next top model, Khia, who loves to wear crochet ensembles rocks a patriotic one with the boots to match.  This broad wins the FUBU award of the year.

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  • Mary J Blige

    to be honest, for Khia this is an upgrade lol

  • Mrs



  • Mary J Blige

    she is nice. i saw on her profile at searchingmillionaire . com that her favorite album is Growing Pains (In Stores – December 18, 2007)

  • kai

    OH Gawd!

  • kai

    Im gon have to crochet her some fitting attire. Her body is to wobbly for this.

  • txshawty

    Don’t hate cuz she knits her own outfits…it’s economical, lol.

    I can see Khia in here rocking chair like, “I gotta crochet this top for the club”.

  • txshawty


  • txshawty


    Wouldn’t that be funny if it was wet t-shirt night at the club…her outfit be done puffed up and sagging!

  • Soul Cry

    Poor child…

  • MARV


  • celebrity psychic

    the sexiest the red, white and blue has ever looked

    A new spin on celebrity Gossip:

  • Bahama Mama

    oh my!

    i don’t even know what to say…ewww would be a start..

    IS THAT TX!!!!!!!

  • Lili

    So ghetto!

  • Richard

    She is REALLY ghetto but I feel kind of bad to say ….I think I would hit it. I just wouldn’t take her anywhere.

  • a

    her grandma must crochet all this shyt for her

  • helltothanaw


    She is REALLY ghetto but I feel kind of bad to say ….I think I would hit it. I just wouldn’t take her anywhere.

    ^^^^LOL.. OMG.. Not for real bruh…

  • txshawty

    B’mama, it’s me, mama, it’s me! lol

    I would ask you where we at, but MTW is trippin on the e-mail tip!

  • txshawty

    lol @ WhatTheHell

  • txshawty

    Snickers…i’m sorry, I will postpone being ‘stoopid’ until around 11, Tx time. lol

  • MistaO

    Richard – I’m going to have to agree with that one. This chick need some major polish but she’d work.

  • Baby Please
  • Bahama Mama

    LOL TX.. we ain’t even using the the damn thing no way…lol

    LOL @ richard…wow, do u

  • Richard

    She got boob and butt, the paper bag will take care of the rest. As for the stupid stuff that u KNOW is coming out of her mouth ……that’s an easy one.

  • Sugarsweet

    This chick can never seem to get it right.. She looks a HOT MESS!!!!! where the hell is her stylist?? or maybe she’s not makin enough dough for all of that yet.. whatever the case homegirl needs to stop wit this madness!!!!!!

  • samira

    She should fire her stylist or get one…and quick!

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