Family Feuds: Celebrities Who Fought Their Own Family Members

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Famous Family Feuds

So there’s a big fight you may have heard of between Jay Z and his in-law, Solange. We get it, though. Family feuds are the worse. Don’t feel bad, these families had fights too.

Benzino – He allegedly got shot by his own nephew. Damn.

Jay-Z and Solange – You know this was going to be on the list. We’re sure you’ve heard about it by now.

Dez Bryant and His Momma – Dez allegedly got into a fight with his own momma and he had the cops called on him.

Pilar’s Family and Deion Sanders – Deion’s in-laws came to his doorstep to give him the fade and she accused his family of doing the same to her.

The Jacksons – They all fight each other. From Michael and his dad to everyone fighting Latoya because they hate her. It’s all about dysfunction in the Jackson family.

Chris Brown and His Momma – Chris Brown was finally admitted into anger management when he damaged his mother’s car in a nasty fight.

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    Eminem and His Momma – Eminem said a lot of awful, awful things about his mother after he accused her of abusing him as a child.

    Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight – They didn’t speak for years until Brad Pitt helped them reconcile.

    Beyonce and Matthew Knowles – She straight up fired him as her manager. Hey, how about not go around having illegitimate kids behind your kids’ backs.

    Lindsay Lohan and Dad – They had some fights over him allegedly stealing money from her. That’s never good.

    Britney Spears and Family – They became estranged and fought a lot…all because of money.

    Keyshia Cole and Frankie – They made a damn reality show about how jacked up their families are.

    King Family – MLK’s family is in the middle of battle over his legacy that’s only getting nastier by the minute.

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