Monica the Bread Winner and Corky the Leech

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

You all know we are down for beautiful black families, and last night, Rocko, Lil Rocko, and Monica were spotted at the Lakers and Hawks game. With our curiosity peaked, we looked into Rocko’s rap career. We came up with a blank, meaning this dude is Fu*kin’ for Tracks. Get a job, Rodney.

Pop the thang  to see the rest of lil’ Rodney.

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  • Ms. Attitude


  • Taj The Photographer

    Monica is such a kind person. She has a great family and a husband whom she loves and whom loves her. I don’t think he is a gold-digger at all. He is making moves with his music career and she is standing by him, just as Tiny stood by T.I.

  • chloe

    This guy is a piece of junk. Any man that beats on a woman in the club has issues. Monica does as well for dealing with such a person.

  • Pseudo Baby-hair.....(why does Young Dro SOUND like he stanks????)

    Not true…he is a producer turned rapper…been working with SoSo Def artists for years….

  • Miss WIse

    I heard Rocko is a known nicca in the A. He might be hood rich. Monica likes hood niccas.

  • c from stl

    It’s obvious that she likes them ‘hood cats….

  • Tiny is UGLY

    I think that Tiny and Rocco (The Ugly dude) need to get together because they both are ugly and TI and Monica need to get together cause they both have nice personalities and both have ugly significant others.

  • lady l

    how come noone is giving monica hell for being with her women beater rocko?


    I thought he was a producer, didn’t he produce her albums?? I think he produced her first 1…

  • My IQ is coming out of my ears!!!

    This website is poorly written and the grammer is shameful! It’s not enough to spell the words correctly, you must use them in the correct context as well. Let us see if they can figure it out and fix the problem!

  • Nichole

    Why does Rocko always have that constipated look on his face? How come nobody gave Monica s–t after Rocko beat that girl’s @$$ in the club last year? Monica stays with hood trash.

  • L.A. Chic

    Dude is a DL thug! She knows it too!

  • http://bossip FlyyMisses

    I think they have a beautiful family she has her career and he has his. Their young, flyy, and financially set who could ask for anything more!! Stop Hattin!!

  • Terri

    This is what is known as holding the family. Go ahead Monica do what you have to do. Support your man.

  • Fair

    I think Monica is smart and strong enough to handle that aspect of her life. By the way, Rocko has had a career for years he helped broker deals with/for young dro and dem franchize boys to name a few. I wish them all the love and luck in the world.

  • mikey reed

    Do yall research & stop hating. how would yall say a beautiful black family & then call the man a loser… wow, this is what keep the black race down…lol

  • Atls_Fynest

    Ya’ll really dnt knw wht yall tlkin bout. Rocko is makin money and doin more than yall see him do. There is a such thing as behind the scene work and even if Monica do mke more than him then she obviously dont mind. Thats her man and their family. To me its seems like they got it under control so its not ur business to comment on it. I think they are a great couple and hve a wonderful family. Much Love Mo and Roc!!!!

  • Carla

    Monica must be really desperate, lol…. Rocko is a douche bag, lol…

  • Carla

    Monica could do so much better then Rocko, there are homies from the hood that are intelligent and have sense, lol… Rocko resembles a turtle, lol…


    I don’t know why folk be knockin’ Monica’s dude. That’s a self made brutha right there. Stop hatin’ on their luv. It’s ALWAYS betta to speak positively and not negatively, since the negativity comes back to you and not the one u sent it out to.

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