Mo Money: “Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s” Resident Rich Beyotch Nene Leakes Wants Bravo To Give Up More Gwap!

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Nene said “Beyotch betta have my money!” Word to AMG.

Nene Leakes Threatens To Leave “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” If Bravo Doesn’t Increase Her Salary

If you hadn’t already noticed, Nene has been talking a lot of stuff about potentially leaving “Real Housewives.” Sources say it has nothing to do with the show’s negativity, she is simply about her paper.

According to National Enquirer reports:

SHOW me the money!!! That’s the demand sources say NeNe Leakes made to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” producers.

NeNe is already hauling in a staggering $ 1 million per season plus bonuses. That makes her the highest paid of the “House­wives” in the Bravo network stable – but NeNe still wants a raise to shoot an­other season.

The 46-year-old reality star – who was recently eliminated from “Danc­ing with the Stars” – has an estimated net worth of $10 million and an ego to match, say insiders.

“Nene thinks she’s a bigger star now, due to a recurring role on ‘Glee’ and the now-canceled sitcom ‘The New Normal,’” a source in Atlanta told The ENQUIRER.

“She also says her appearance on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ makes her more bankable.

“Her ego is out of control, but she’s wrong if she thinks Bra­vo will give her more money.” Still, NeNe is playing hardball. She recently hinted on Arsenio Hall’s show that she may not return to “RHOA,” even though it’s been her ticket to fame since 2008.

She indicated she’s getting tired of all the drama and added: “I began this so many years ago with other girls. And I’m the only original that’s left. It has changed a lot over the years.”

The veteran performer feels she’s done “a lot” for Bravo, “and it’s time to really show her the money,” said the insider. “She is betting the network does not want to lose her. But NeNe is playing Russian roulette and may lose a very good payday.

“Producers aren’t sure she’s worth it anymore.”

Let’s be honest, Nene was great for TV for a long time but she can’t outcrazy some of them other broads. *cough* Kenya *cough cough*


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