Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead, It’s Just In Prison: NY Man Sentenced To Life For “Depraved” Sex Trafficking!

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People ain’t isht…

New York Sex Trafficker Sentenced To Life In Prison

Via NYDailyNews

He’ll never again walk the New York streets where he forced young women to become sex slaves.

Isaias (Chelo) Flores-Mendez was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for running a “depraved” and “repulsive” prostitution pipeline that moved Mexican women from the “world capital of sex trafficking” to sell their bodies in New York up to 35 times a day.

The pimp covered his face with his hands as Manhattan Federal Judge Katherine Forrest read what advocates believe is New York’s first life sentence for sex trafficking.

“There is no sentence that is really sufficient do to justice,” she said, describing the ring as a “depraved sex mill” that subjected women to “unspeakable things.”

“The defendant will never cease to harm others unless he is incapacitated.”

Good call, your honor.

Flores-Mendez, 42, copped to his role in the operation stretching from New York City to Tenancingo, a Mexican town a U.S. official last year dubbed the “world capital of sex trafficking.”

Prosecutors said Flores-Mendez was the “undisputed” leader of a crew that from at least 2005 to 2013 preyed on “hundreds, if not thousands” of young women — some of them underage.

The men lured their prey over the border by dating them and promising them better lives in New York.

When they arrived, the pimps forced them to have sex in city apartments, Hudson Valley homes and New Jersey farm sheds with up to 35 johns a day for as little as $15.

He terrorized one 17-year-old woman by beating her and making her and her baby sleep on the kitchen floor under a table.

Hopefully some of the hardrocks in the whoscow get word of what this guy is in for and show him some correctional system hospitality.

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