Ghetto Chic Swag

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

With plenty of money to burn, Mary J. Blige was spotted on yet another NYC shopping spree donning a dope little Adidas track suit and designer silk doo-rag under a baseball cap recently. Pop it for details.

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  • M. DOT

    I still don’t like that she tried to play Keyshia Cole and prevent her from doing a tribute at the BET show recently….Why the hate?

  • She 4 real

    ohhh Mary….u looking crazee! silver

  • too damn bad...

    ??who cares in this life??

  • Nigga Said

    Is that Steve Stoute?

  • Holla

    why she gotta be ghetto????

  • BE

    well she has the right to dress down sometimes right? Sweatsuits are worn by all types of people why she has to be considered ghetto I don’t know.

  • sasha

    There must not be any stories today because these are whack. She is shopping what does she need to have on?

  • Bobbizzie

    she got on 20 different brands like a damn walking billboard.

  • whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong

    There is nothing GHETTO about this picture.

  • Marc B's Honey

    And what she is wearing is ghetto why?… Just because it’s not what you’re rockin’ doesn’t mean that it’s ghetto.

  • Shani

    This term Ghetto is offensive. If this were a white woman with the same attire no one would call her ghetto. I am tired of this site with their derrogartory terms to describe black people.

  • PolieKaKa

    Shani, Sandra Rose said that every blog about the people is not by the people.

  • phat

    I love Mary!!! I don’t care what she has on she is my, and a whole bunch of other black women’s inspiration!

  • bee_u_t_full

    The woman in the picture with her looks like a female version of Jay Z!!!! I wonder if Jay and Beyonce’ have a daughter together will she look like that woman in the pic, when she gets older???!!!

  • tvaughan
  • shelzzey-B

    Kmt that aint ghetto swag

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