Broke Ballers: Terrell Owens Says He Has No Employable Special Skills Or Education To Pay For Swirly Divorce

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TO says he can’t do anything but be a broke baller!

Terrell Owens Says He Can’t Pay For Divorce

Via TMZ reports:

Hi, I’m Terrell Owens. I’m 40. I’m broke. And I’ve got ZERO employable skills … outside of my athletic talents. Please don’t make me pay my estranged wife’s attorney’s fees in our divorce.

That’s essentially the message T.O. sent a judge in new legal docs … in which he explains why he shouldn’t have to pony up for Rachel Snider’s legal fees.

In the docs, T.O. says his marriage to Snider was only for 3 days .. yet she hired a fancy lawyer who charges through the nose — and he simply can’t afford to pay … now or ever.

In fact, Owens explains, “Besides my athletic abilities, I do not have any special skill set or education that makes me employable. I use my celebrity status as a former NFL player as much as possible as I struggle to earn a living to support my children.”

Owens says Snider isn’t just trying to hurt his wallet — she’s also dead set on destroying his image in the media.

The couple was married on January 23rd … and separated on January 26th. And since then, they’ve been at war for 105 days and counting.

Is McDonald’s hiring??

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