Gold Teeth Being Gouged Out and Sold Back

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Times are hard, so gold teeth are being taken out of mouths and sold. If you are trying to get some cheese and get rid of those ghastly fronts, then we have the answer for you:

Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles Jeweler will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for Lil Wayne’s gold and platinum diamond-studded crowns; Also wanted are Diddy’s gold bottom front teeth and Flava Flav’s 22K semi-permanent gold caps top and bottom.There’s a new Gold Teeth Rush sweeping the nation….…As people struggle to pay bills and put food on the table in this economic downturn, pawn shops and estate jewelry dealers are seeing an influx of those looking to cash in their gold caps, fillings and grills. For years, many hung onto old gold dental work as souvenirs but now they are making the most of gold’s near record prices and selling up.

Four years ago it was a major nationwide trend in major US cities to get gold teeth, now a lot of those sparkling dentured customers are cashing in to survive. Celebrities with specialized mouths are worth big bucks. Stars like Diddy, Lil Wayne, Flava Flav or Nelly are wanted for their teeth as much as their CD’s by fans and jewelers.

Mark Porcello of Porcello Estate Buyers, a 50-year and third generation family jewelry business, is seeing a wave of customers looking to trade in their old teeth since the price of gold spiked in February.

“Selling your gold teeth and crowns is an excellent way to bring in a little extra money for you and your family in these troubled financial times,” says Mark. But he also cautions, “Don’t sell to just anyone. Make sure you do your research and find someone you can trust who will work with your gold in an honest and professional way.”

There are two types of gold teeth: removable teeth known as caps, grills and gold dental crowns, both of which are sellable. Gold teeth can fetch thousands depending on how much they weigh.

In the past eight years the price of gold has gone up four times its worth at an estimated 300% since 2000. Prices in the past weeks fluctuated between $970 and $940 an ounce. Gold is called a crisis metal because the price rises in a bad economy.

There are people like Cash Money Records CEO/CO-Founder Bryan “Baby” Williams, aka Birdman that had a $250,000 platinum with white gold-plated and diamond-encrusted crowns replaced with a $500,000 set of 18-karat white gold with some platinum crowns set with ascher-cut diamonds.


Porcello Estate Buyers is a family owned and operated business based in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle that has been in the world of fine jewelry and time pieces for more than 50 years. Porcello Jewelers buy and sell the finest antique jewelry, unique custom jewelry, and antique estate jewelry; their friendly and knowledgeable staff always gives the maximum care and attention to whatever their customers’ needs may be.
Porcello Estate Buyers

Some stupid investments were made into gold teeth and fronts. Cluck off your gold teeth immediately and prepare for hard times. Thank you.


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  • Strange Program

    To lock up all top three spots is a life defining momnet for me. Thanks All of You!!

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    i knew this day would come when rappers and others who brought those ugly gold, teeth would resort to selling them to survive….sad

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    hahahha they selling them less that they paid for…waste

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    I’m glad, gold teeth have to be the most hideous thing ever. I can’t believe when I was really little I actually wanted gold teeth. LMAO.

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    Damn no more greasy men with gold teeth, and bad breathe….damn there goes my saturday nights..

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    they got some money in their pockets for a short time


    Yeah. Pawning the gold teeth to buy rims.

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    That’s just too much!!!

    Too much!!!!

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    people selling their teeth? reccession does funny things to people

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