When Making It Rain Goes Wrong: Man Sues Houston Stripper For $3k Tip Refund

- By Bossip Staff

Do shake-dancers give receipts though?

Man Sues Houston Stripper For $3000 Refund

While the average man heads to the strip club to tip a few upstanding young “college students” and be on their way, a select few go with their hearts just as open as their wallets. One such Houston man recently did just that…and took his favorite stripper out of the club for gifts, bill assistance, and other monetary perks. Somehow he was thrown for a loop when he discovered that their benefactor/beneficiary relationship was a bit one-sided, and now he wants all his cash back. Via CW39newsfix:

One Houston man definitely thought a stripper liked him.

The stripper’s stage name is Nomi and a customer named Robert decided to spend nearly $3,000 on her. Now Robert wants the money back, and he’s suing Nomi to get it.

Nomi told News 92 FM, “I just don’t understand how this person can sue me for money that he freely gave. I would never have even taken it had I known I had to pay it.”

Robert sees the story a little differently.

Robert said, “We started going on dates, going out to places. I helped a little bit here and there, with money here and there. Because she was staying with me for a while because we actually had a relationship.”

Awww…poor guy doesn’t know how strip clubs work, huh? Fellas, don’t go to the booty bar with a Drake mentality…just get your dances and go! Not sure what makes this guy think he’s entitled to his money back. We wonder if he wants it returned to him in a stack of $1 bills.

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