*Exclusive* Darrin Henson’s Perfect Woman: “My Mom, Mother Teresa & Keri Hilson”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip recently sat down with the scrumptious Darrin Henson to discuss his four upcoming films, one of which is the highly anticipated Tekken. And of course we couldn’t let this little jewel slip through our hands when Darrin answered one question in particular:

Bossip: So, what do you like in a woman? If you had to create your perfect woman, who would she be?
Darrin: It would be three people in one. Mother Teresa, My mom, and Keri Hilson.
Bossip: Wow, okay. Well, your mom is probably a wonderful person and we guess it’s pretty obvious why you’d pick Mother Teresa, but tell me why you picked Keri Hilson?
Darrin: Aesthetically, she’s beautiful. She’s got a great voice. She seems fun to be around.
Bossip: Well, she does read Bossip, so you might want to get on that Miss Keri Baby…

Bossip: You’re in Tekken which comes out in October. Are you a video game junkie?
Darrin: I don’t play a lot of video games. I’m an old head, so I like the old games like Pacman, Mrs. Pacman. I like pinball machine. I like arcades like that. When it comes to sitting down in from of a television and playing video games, that’s not who I am. But, I do like to play Tekken a lot now. I box and I’ve done martial arts for years. It wasn’t easy, though. We had to do things that you’re used to seeing Wesley Snipes do for years. We had some incredible fight choreographers. They made sure that we stepped up our game with gymnastics, with martial arts, jujitsu. It was hardcore. There’s no body doubles and there’s no stunt men. We’re all doing the fights ourselves. From what I hear, the film is going to be incredible.

The Hustle, Summer 2009 (Stars Charlie Murphy, Tamala Jones, John Witherspoon and Bai Ling)
Bossip: Tyler Perry is a Consulting Producer on this film, right?
Darrin: Yes, he is. I play a character named Brother Efrom who is a pastor of a church and is waiting to be in charge of the church. He’s got a big heart but a lot of his selfish ways are his own detriment. The congregation is not convinced that he would be the best thing for the church. I laughed all day long working with Charlie Murphy. It’s really a funny film.

My Place in the Horror, 2009 (Stars D.B. Woodside, Rochelle Aytes and Golden Brooks)
Bossip:We haven’t had a Horror movie with an all Black cast since Tales From the Hood! What’s your character in this film?
Darrin: I play a writer who’s very introverted. It’s very different from any of the other characters that I’ve played. It’s about this family who has been dealing with this curse that has been passed throughout the family. The elders do all of the initiating. We find out that the children are the ones to be sacrificed. It’s really dynamic, because it will be one of the first times that we see an all Black horror film. It’s one of those films that may be a trilogy film and may set precedence in the industry. It’s going to send you on an emotional roller-coaster. I think horror fans are going to be very happy.

Bossip: Why do you think that we rarely see an all African American cast in other genre’s of film?
Darrin: We live in a country that’s still very much focused on the whites in the country and the white people’s experience. I came from a show called Soul Food, which is an amazing show, but we don’t see any more black dramas on TV anymore. Everything is a comedy. I think that we buy into their stories, but we need to support our own. If we’re going to watch the Sopranos and Sex and the City, let’s make sure that were watching it because there’s Black stories being told. Let’s not always watch things where we don’t see ourselves. Seinfeld was based in New York, but there were no Black people on the show. Sex and City – no Black people on the show. Why do we support things that don’t show us? We have to stop that. Our economic dollar is our mouthpiece. I say that because they won’t sit down and watch our shows because it’s not supporting what they believe in. That’s why I’m so thankful for Oprah and Tyler Perry, and I hope that he does more dramatic shows.

Blood Done Sign My Name, Late 2009 (Stars Rick Schroder, Nate Parker and Omar Benson Miller)
Bossip: We’ve recently seen more historical films that chronicle African-American issues. What’s this one about?
Darrin: It’s about some of the injustices that were happening in the south, in this particular case, it’s about a man named Henry Marrow who’s actually killed in North Carolina due to the fact that three white men thought that he was actually talking to a white woman. They shot him dead. It’s about the injustice, and about how these three white men were acquitted, and at the time the people in Oxford County said ‘we’re not going to take anymore’. Subsequently, there’s an uprising and a riot in the town. I play one of the characters that was one of the forefront leaders in the up-rising.

Bossip: You were at the top of your game as a choreographer, why did you decide to start acting?
Darrin: In 1999, I felt frustrated with the choreography career, I didn’t feel challenged anymore. I just basically decided the put on a new hat and challenge myself with acting. People are like, ‘I miss your face on TV. ‘ There are a thousand cop programs and medical dramas, and there’s more in this world to talk about. I like to play in stories that I’m interested in.

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    He was right on the “aesthetically, she’s beautiful.” part, she may be a really sweet person..and yes she’s a talented songwriter but, uhm, it ends there, hon.

    Nice to see him showing love to her, though.

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    Dr. Winkie…

    LOL, your name still makes me giggle…and I never giggle.


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