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Dr. Ben Carson Is Considering Running For President In 2016

Would you vote for him??? Dr. Ben Carson, who recently suggested that Obamacare is the “worst thing since slavery”, appeared on Hannity last night and stated the following…

“Somebody said to me today in the elevator today — didn’t know me from Adam — you’ve got to run,” he told host Sean Hannity. “It’s just everywhere I go and I think what people really are looking for is common sense and courage and somebody who understands the Constitution, and the principles of freedom, innovation, social responsibility. And if somebody can come along with those things, and really gain a lot of traction, I would be delighted.”

“And if they don’t,” he added, “I would certainly give it serious consideration. I don’t want to do it but if we’re left in a situation where there is not a lot of enthusiasm for anybody else, I would never turn my back on my fellow citizens,” he said.

Republicans would be running to vote for this guy for sure!

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