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Could you stay with a man after he knocked up a groupie and cheated on you with skrippers?

Odell Beckham’s Fiancée Says He Cheated On Her Multiple Times

New York Giants draft pick Odell Beckham is quite the player – on and off the field! As the LSU football star is catapulted to the national stage, only has the bombshell claims about his bedroom adventures from his scorned fiancée.

Via RadarOnline reports:

Beckham’s fiancée Erica Mendez opened up to Radar about their torrid three-year romance and claimed the wide receiver bed a bevy of beauties and fathered a love child all before his junior year of college.

The beautiful model, who met Beckham when she was 17, said the pair began dating in November 2010 – and she quickly got caught up in the whirlwind romance.

“He swept me off my feet at first. I had come from a broken home and was looking for stability. He treated me like a queen,” Mendez gushed about the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship.

Flying her around the world to Paris and London and showering her with gifts – including a new BMW – Beckham appeared to be “the perfect man,” she recalled. But her rags to riches story came to an abrupt halt when she learned the playboy had allegedly fathered a child – with another woman!

“We fought about the child, but he claimed he was a changed man. I wanted so badly to believe him, so I stuck around,” she admitted.

“I honestly didn’t have the resources to leave him, even though I knew I was in a bad relationship,” she confessed, adding that she decided to stick around for two more years – never once meeting her beau’s baby girl.

But less than a month later, the gossip and mysterious texts started – all alleging he was two-timing Mendez.

“I didn’t want to believe it,” she said.

She turned a blind eye when she found out she was pregnant with Beckham’s baby in February 2013. Sadly, the stress and anxiety of his alleged infidelity weighed heavily on her – and she suffered a miscarriage.

Despite the heartache, the couple “grew closer together,” she claims, and Beckham finally proposed to her.

“He promised to change and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Too bad it was all just lies,” she ranted.

A few months after the romantic proposal, she allegedly walked in on him – and two strippers – in a sexually compromising position at his parents’ New Orleans home.

“There were glasses thrown. It was quite a commotion,” she said of the Aug. 2013 incident. “That was the final straw.” The couple split soon after.

But despite the drama, today, they’re trying to make it work: The pair reunited in late February and the engagement is back on after a four-month separation.

Now, Mendez claims she plans to wed the 21-year-old footballer in March 2015.

“We love each other,” she said. “Everybody makes mistakes. He has promised he has changed. I have faith in him.”





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