SMH: Michael Jace’s Murdered Wife Testified For Him During Divorce From His Prior Abusive Marriage

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Apparently he had a history of brutal domestic violence

Michael Jace Abused First Wife, Wife He Killed Testified For Him During Divorce

Documents from the divorce proceedings of Michael Jace’s previous marriage have surfaced. The papers report that he was intensely physically abusive toward his ex-wife in front of their infant son, in a startlingly similar instance of abuse that led to the death of his current wife. Via TMZ:

Michael Jace was a violent, abusive husband who choked his wife in front of their kid … this according to legal docs from his prior divorce.

Jace — who was booked Tuesday morning for allegedly murdering his wife April — went through a divorce in 1997. In the docs — obtained by TMZ — a friend of Jennifer Bitterman claims she personally witnessed Jace choking and slamming Jennifer against a wall … as his 6-month-old son screamed in his crib next to them.

The friend says he was raging and out of control and “seeing the extent of his anger was one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen.”

The friend continues … there were multiple physical assaults on the ex-wife.

SMH. So Michael has a history of whooping on the women in his life in front of their children!?

However, despite hearing the stories of what Michael was capable of, April Jace not only willingly entered a marriage with Michael herself, but defended him in court as a good father who provides a stable home during the divorce proceedings….

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Apparently April jumped into the fray of Michael and Jennifer’s divorce and defended him against his battered ex-wife’s claims. She was sure to let the judge know that he was an exemplary father and great provider. Via TMZ:

Michael Jace’s dead wife April DEFENDED her husband in his divorce from his ex-wife … an ex-wife he allegedly brutally and repeatedly beat.

April Jace — who was killed by a gunshot at the hands of Michael — got involved in Michael’s messy divorce to his previous wife and defended him to the hilt … even though there were claims of brutality.

April told the divorce judge that Michael provided a stable home for his child, though she never addressed the claims he choked and hit Jennifer Bitterman and slammed her against the wall in front of their screaming son.

In fact April actually attacked Jennifer by calling her a bad mom.

The most bone-chilling thing …. April talked about Michael’s son with Jennifer, saying, “Usually at bedtime, he [Jordan, the child] prays for his mom and asks God to protect her while he’s not there with her.”

And this is interesting … April had a degree in Early Childhood/Adolescence development.

This story gets more messed up by the minute. It seems that despite knowing what she was getting into, April somehow thought her marriage would be exempt from Michael’s violent streak. Sad that she and her kids had to learn this lesson the hardest way imaginable.

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