Don’t Leave! Men Who Begged Their Women To Come Back

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Men Who Begged Their Women To Come Back

When you lose a woman you love with all your heart, sometimes you just have to beg. We know that sounds crazy, but it happens. These men had no shame when they wanted their women so they begged.

Would you?

Chris Brown – He begged and begged for Rihanna to take him back and forgive him for beating her up.

Reggie Bush – He texted Kim to take him back, DURING HER WEDDING. No chill.

Robin Thicke – You see all his songs he’s putting out apologizing for being a jerk? Think they’ll work?

Kobe Bryant – He bought Vanessa a multi-million dollar ring to keep her after he cheated.

Dwyane Wade – He got someone pregnant while on break but put a ring on it to make things better.

Diddy – He made lots of apology songs when J. Lo left but that didn’t quite work out.

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    Drake – Drizzy begs all the time smh.

    Bill Clinton – Billy Clint begged Hillary to preserve the family and all that after he got caught doing the dirty.

    Chad Ochocinco – He’s been begging Evelyn to take him back since the headbutt. Remember those creepy tweets?

    Tiger Woods – All he wanted was to get Elin back…maybe because he didn’t want to lose all that money.

    Usher – Rumors swirled that Usher didn’t want to break up his family…but his dirty dog ways caught up with him.

    Kanye West – He loooooved Alexis and tried to keep her but his career just got in the way.

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