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Celebrities Reveal Their Nastiest Details

There are plenty of freaks in this world…and a bunch of them are celebrities. Don’t believe us? Just look at these freaky details some celebrities have said about their personal lives. Did they take it too far…?

Jada Pinkett-Smith – She says that she and Will like to get nasty at other people’s houses. “Be sneaky … your girlfriend’s house at a party. The bathroom. A bedroom. Think of places outside that are comfortable”

Michael Douglas – He revealed that his throat cancer came from chomping down on his wife’s goods too often.

Lamar Odom – He said he keeps his down there totally shaved. *jumps down the stairs*

Angeline Jolie – She’s gone on record saying that Brad Pitt is very well-endowed. TMI…though we bet some of you wanted to know that.

Kim Kardashian – She said she got it on in an airplane once…also she put out a video to show off her exploits.

Kanye West – He used to watch Kim videos to get himself in the mood. Which means he also saw Ray J.

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Paris Hilton – This isn’t quite nasty, but still: Nick Carter said she needed to get high to perform in bed.

Paula Patton – She said that she and Robin Thicke break furniture and get super crazy when they get off the road together.

Jane Fonda – She’s 72 and says she’s having the best chop down of her life. Old people do it! Ewwwww.

Superhead – Her whole book was full of nasty details.

Beyonce and Jay Z – Did you hear her album? Serfbort? Ring a bell?



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