Put A Sock In It: Kanye West Gives Self-Serving Wedding Speech About The “Kardashian Empire” And “Celebrity Warfare”

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Get off the soapbox and tell the lady you love her, azzhole!

Kanye Gives Wedding Speech About Kardashian Empire And Celeb Warfare

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After marrying Kim Kardashian amid extraordinary pomp and circumstance, Kanye West regaled his honored guests at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, on Saturday, May 24, with a romantic speech about his new bride. Later in the night, he hopped back on the mic for another 20-minute spiel that touched on, well, everything. Us Weekly has eyewitness details on a few of the wackiest highlights.

At one point during his remarks, West, 36, mentioned “public warfare,” and then talked about the perks and pitfalls of celebrity. “They feel like it’s okay to put you on the tabloid covers to sell your image, to use you in an SNL spoof,” he said, per the observer. “We don’t negotiate. We’re not like that. We’re not stupid.” A little while later, he added, “The Kardashians are an industry!”

He also spoke about his and Kim’s inner circle, saying, “We are warriors! There is not one person at this table that has not had to defend us at some point or another.” Then, referring to a specific group of guests at the wedding, he added, “At this table…the combination of powers…can make the world a better place.” He called them “the most remarkable people of our time,” the onlooker says of the rapper.

West praised his bride, too, of course. Calling his new wife, 33, the “ideal celebrity…the ideal art,” he mentioned “spending every single day of [his] life with Kim.”

The rapper was similarly effusive at the couple’s pre-wedding bash at the Palace of Versailles in France on Friday, May 23. “Kanye kept making the cutest remarks to her,” a source previously told Us. “He said, ‘It’s amazing to look around this room; there are so many talented people.’ Then Kim said, ‘And beautiful people.’ Kanye replied, ‘Yeah, but Kim’s way more beautiful than I am talented.'”

“It was so sweet,” the insider gushed. “He said a couple adorable things like that. They seemed so happy.”

WHO CARES?! This ninja just jumped the broom and rather than talk about how much he loves his wife and premarital sex love child, he preaching about how mean the media is to him and his in-laws.

SMH. Typical.

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