Hidden Loves: These Celebrities Reveal Their Top Secret Crushes

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Celebrities Reveal Their Crushes

You ever wonder who your favorite celebrities lust after? The good folks at NY Mag gathered a bunch of celebrities and asked who their big crushes were. The results are absolutely surprising and damn informative.

Wendy Williams
Crush: The Rock

“I love the Rock’s swirliness. If you squint, he’s white. If you open your eyes a lot, he’s black. And if you close one eye, he might be Hispanic. Now, I’ve never met the Rock, but I would love for him to come to my show and curl me. I’m a larger-framed woman, and the idea of a guy who could pick me up … I was a late walker as a baby because I was scared of standing and then falling, and I’ve never liked to be picked up. But I think the Rock would be just the guy to do it.”

Robin Thicke
Crush: Molly Ringwald

“It must have been that ­lipstick trick in The ­Breakfast Club. That was enough for a pubescent boy. I ended up meeting her at a Dodgers Game, probably when I was 10 years old, and it was one of those ­nervous-kid moments. She was a big star. So I just shook her hand. I don’t think an appropriate opening line for a 10-year-old would have been “I like your mouth.”

W. Kamau Bell
Crush: Melissa Harris-Perry

“If you go to the black-people meeting, we’re all allowed to and expected to have a crush on Melissa Harris-Perry. Growing up as a black nerd, there really weren’t a lot of safe places, so now to be living in an era where there are places for blerds, as they say, is pretty exciting. And she’s one of the leaders of blerd-dom. And if you say that you’re not in some way enthralled with her, you’re ­probably not going to get into the next black-people meeting, which you’re not going to get into anyway. I hate to break it to you, but then again, I don’t get into the white-people meetings, no matter how many sit-ins we stage. “

Kristen Wiig
Crush: Billy Idol

“I had Billy Idol’s ­picture on the back of my bedroom door, and I took a photo of it, because I wanted to take the picture, develop the picture, and tell people that I saw him. But it didn’t work, because there was always a huge glare, like over his face, and it was very obvious I was taking a picture of a poster. I’m sure I wouldn’t have gone through with the ­elaborate lie, but it just seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Mike Epps
Crush: Halle Berry

“Halle Berry from Boomerang—that’s when I loved her. I grew up in the Midwest, and Halle Berry was from the Midwest, and if I knew her then, I would have taken her straight to the hood, with the top down, music blasting, yelling, “Look, everybody! I got Halle Berry in my car with me! This is my girl!” I would have taken Halle Berry to Six Flags, and we’d have gone on some roller coasters, and we would have dressed alike, matching blue-jean outfits on, with the Jordans and the glasses, you know what I mean? Our Cross Colours on. And candy necklaces. You got to bite them off just right. I’d bite on her neck while we on the roller coaster. Slobber all down her neck. And then we would just sit in the house and watch Martin and A Different World. “

Macy Gray
Crush: The Jackson 5

“My first crush was Michael Jackson, when I was little, and I used to go back and forth with all the brothers. I had a different Jackson crush like every week. They were all cute and they could sing and dance and they were on TV. I liked Jermaine for a really long time, but I was older when that happened.”

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    Dee Snider
    Crush: Nancy Pelosi

    “The best-looking politicians are on the extreme right. I guess Nancy Pelosi was something else back when Elvis was kicking a**, you know? She was probably at an Elvis show going, “Wooo!”

    Pat Kiernan
    Crush: Cindy Crawford

    “I just remember her pressing the button on the soda machine in that Pepsi commercial, and it was very … frustrating.”

    Andy Samberg
    Crush: Um…Everyone On Game Of Thrones

    “Pretty much everyone on Game of Thrones. It’s just a sexy cast. Just have a big ol’ Game of Thrones or*y. But you got to watch out for ­Littlefinger in an or*y. You never know when he’s going to sneak in. Hey—whoop! There it is. Littlefinger!”

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