SMH: Mom Dares Teenage Girls to Chug Vodka, 2 Hospitalized

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The two wheffas above, Kelsea Guest and Karen Downs, are responsible for providing alcohol at a party for Downs’ daughter, and got those snow bunnies to chugging vodka for a ten spot:

A mother is accused of providing alcohol to young teens at a party in Missouri and offering $10 to whomever could chug a glass of vodka the fastest.

Two girls were hospitalized.

Authorities in Kansas City say 43-year-old Karen Christine Downs and 25-year-old Kelsee Guest face felony child-endangerment charges alleging they provided liquor and beer to six 13- and 14-year-olds at a February birthday party for Downs’ daughter.

The Platte County prosecutor’s office said neither woman had a lawyer to speak for them as of Tuesday.

Authorities say girls at the party told officers Downs offered them shots and told them not to tell their parents.

Were these to broads trying to get caught contributing to the delinquency of minors? It’s one thing to be stupid enough to provide alcohol at a teenager’s party, but to dare children to chug vodka…well, that’s just special. WAM


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  • Lisa Vee


  • Lisa Vee

    What a piece of ” white trash”!!!

  • lani3000

    10 dollars?

  • Lisa Vee

    ” Trailer Trash”

  • Lisa Vee

    A Ten? That cant even get a dime bag these days!!!!!!!

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!™

    All I can say is; White People.

  • Lisa Vee

    25 years old??? More like 45 and the mom looks about 60…thats what meth a do to you.

  • neko

    man i wish i was there….i wouldve been swimmin in snow bunnys…..j/k

  • Sawyer

    White People Gon Wild’ collect the whole box set for $9.99 at retailers near you!

  • always knew

    the Mom is right where she should be…

  • jb_1030 (has given up on the shoe game until my double order of NUDIQ comes in!!! Thanks Snoop!)

    That ish is crazy. Where are all teh people that hate on black single parents? What do you have to say about these two imposters for mothers?


    That’s them white people 4 ya…

  • http://n/a Smoovee Sayz

    what trailer park was this again???

  • Mrs. Philly

    If I were one of those girls’ mother, i’d be going 2 jail too for stabbing a b*tch in the head! What is wroooooong with folks today??

  • ...

    Damn I think I know the 25yo. She is gon’ get fired off of this sh!t.

  • Mrs. Philly

    That ish is crazy. Where are all teh people that hate on black single parents? What do you have to say about these two imposters for mothe

    YES!!! Where is Kigali???

  • Moreaces

    I tell you, the world just keeps on getting better and better, these are truly the best of times… smh

  • Detroiter4Life

    @ jb 1030…… RIGHT!! Retards quick to chop down the sistas over trivial ish too!

    How stupid can you be what happen to winning a dance contest for a dollar?! Oh……or do only “we” do that?! ;o)

  • Whit People Make Me Sick

    They all ignorant like this too.

  • Loch Ness Monster

    The one lady’s last name is ‘Downs’. I want to so badly make a reference to Downs Syndrome but I can’t…

  • Octavia

    Lol @ Loch Ness

    I was shole bout to say they look like they’ve been touched with a bit of Down’s.

  • http://bossip


  • hotmilfchocolate

    damn! is this the year of the ‘dumb-ass mom’

    1st octomom, now this!

  • Proper English

    dumb white cracker trash

  • Lady J

    where do yall get these stories??? I’m so glad that you post them though because you wont see this on CNN…. white america don’t like to disclose their dirty sins of their own people…

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