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- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

A 7-year old girl fights for her life after being shot 6 times while protecting her mother from gunfire. Alexis Goggins, was hit while Calvin Tillie, 29, attempted to gun down her mother Selietha Parker, 30 inside of her car. Tillie was a former boyfriend of Parker. Goggins suffered from gunshot wounds to the eye, left temple, chin, cheek, chest and right arm.

Black people wake up. Another innocent baby was harmed due to some wild man’s antics. Let’s pray that this little girl pulls through.

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  • http://WWW.YAHOO.COM Redd

    May God Bless this mother and baby! Sick world we living in!

  • Mommie

    That is sooo sad, she is in my prayers.

  • Nikka


  • yes

    i hope she makes, we need to be mor ecareful who we bring around our children, its not worth it just to say “i have a man” if he is beatin on u or violent around ur kids

  • Lady of London

    This is a sad…….sad…….situation. As a mother, I think about how she feels to have trusted him at one point and now this. I pray that she stays strong for her daughter and encourage her that GOD is still in control, he doesn’t make any mistakes. And this tragic event will be a testimony to other single women with young children. “They are all we got”

  • Stoney

    @ Beantowncrown, Great job, make your daddy(satan) proud. How about posting some more lowness for extra credit?

  • Ms. Fab

    Poor baby, trying to defend her mother! She’ll be in my prayers….

  • AND...

    OMG…when will ppl learn to stop trying to solve their problems with violence. I mean damn.

  • Serious Sister

    This precious child and her mom live down the street from my grand parents, 5 doors, the whole neighborhood is in shock, this was the second time in less than a year that a young mom and child were hurt. Last time a mom, daughter and neice were burned to death cause some wanna be drug dude firebombed the wrong house. Please pray for them, the city is setting up donation information as we speak.

  • Serious Sister

    By the way, she made it out of her 3rd surgery so far and is doing ok.

  • Twyn

    @ Beantowncrown, that was very tasteless. Go play in traffic would ya?

  • Roxy

    @ Beantowncrown

    Never though i see the day when someone would actually make Unkle Kracka look decent. You need to gain a little perspective and know when not to joke or make light of such a tragic event.

  • Twyn

    @ Serious Sister

    Please keep us posted on that donation info ok? ** hoping that little girl pulls thru**


    *I pary you take it back

  • CarlyRox45

    this is so sad…i pray for the poor little girl and her family.

    makes you wonder though, what the hell did the mom do to make him try to shoot her and if it wasn’t a “reason” why would she bring someone like that around her child?

    so sad. not to knock anyone, but i am trying my darndest not to be a baby momma and to bring children in this world where they don’t have to worry about things such as that an can just enjoy being a child…

    so sad…sick sick world…

  • Serious Sister

    This child jumped in front of her mom yelling ” don’t you hurt my mommy” her mom got hit twice once in the head and once in the chest, Alexis was hit 6 times eye, cheek, chin. chest, arm. After shooting her, he stomped her up under the steering wheel of the car they were in, which is where the cops got him, he was trying to kill this baby!

    I hope Bubba got something good for his soul, in prisons here, child killers don’t last long..

  • Twyn

    *I pary you take it back

    try again just one more time LOL

  • reality

    Beantown..good news. You’ve been cleared for suicide. Please proceed. Your family must be real proud of your dumb ass. Idiot.

  • Soul Cry

    OMG…my heart goes out to the child and mother. That child is an angel, attempting to be a hero.

    Just read Sister’s note regards to him intentionally hurting the baby…hope he rots in hell. You know, when he goes to prison they’re whoppin’ his ass.

  • lalalatina

    Craziest thing about this girl is that she had a stroke as a baby, couldn’t speak, and didn’t appear to be coherent of the world around her. God obviously used her to save her mom’s life. God bless her.

  • Twyn

    @ Serious Sister

    I hope that sicko gets all he deserves… we had a situation like that here in KY. a little girl was shot 5 times and was forced to watch her mother die before she was shot

  • Twyn

    ^ she may not have known or may not have started off that way. People tend to change. Let’s not speculate

  • ELove

    Mothers NEED to be more careful who you choose to get involved with AND bring around your child… This CLOWN was an ex-con, I don’t know his criminal past but He’s been locked up before… Truly Sad

  • Serious Sister

    Will keep everyone up to date. Her mom met him, he was nice, never told her his history of domestic violence. She discovered he just was not the man for her, he had been stalking her for 3 months, day and night. She got afraid and called a girlfriend here on the block to get her and the baby out of there cause he was standing on the side of her house for like 5 hours and wouldn’t leave. She called the police, they ran him off, but when she went to get into the car with the baby, he jumped in the other door with a gun and forced them to drive around until they convinced him the needed gas. They stopped at the station and the girlfriend went in to pay and told store owner to call 911, she went slow as she could so police could get there. Before she could get to the car, the fool shot the mom 1 time, Alexis jumped from the back to the front seat in front of her mom and yelled ” don’t you hurt my mommy!” dude lost it and hit Alexis 6 times, hit her mom in the side of the head, then dragged baby under the steering wheel and tried to stomp her up under the dashboard which is where they were when police arrived and got him.

  • Twyn

    Mothers NEED to be more careful who you choose to get involved with AND bring around your child


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