Remy Ma: I’m Not a Homo-Thug

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Remy Ma released the following statement about allegations she is a homo-thug:

“The fraudulent video hoax that has surfaced of an alleged female lover of Remy Ma is completely false and reps for Remy Ma emphatically deny these claims. The staged video and storyline, as well as the voice on the phone posing as Remy are all fictitious and have made it very obvious that this is a deliberate attempt to undermine Remy’s name and character. Remy Ma has not nor has she ever been involved in a same sex relationship with the accuser or any other woman however Remy is respectful of those who choose the alternative lifestyle. Again, this video and claim are both 100% untrue and we hope that the involved accusers are aware of the civil liberties violated in the taping of this video.”

Lil Kim will probably have something to say about this on her next diss track.

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  • wow


  • Soul Cry

    LOL…I still believe that it happened….sorry.

  • hunnybunz

    What a clown – her handlers are tryin’ make her a fu#@ing laaaady – SMDH!

  • up2nogood

    Is her pants wet? Nasty!!!

  • Mahogany

    Lmao @ the sweaty crotch shot.

    That’s a classic pic.


    Well i would comment if iw was ness but it aint

  • leave it be

    lmao @ remy doing “sexual control!” thru her reps….imma need remy to stop…we still laughing at you, if not for this, but for so many other things….leave it be remy, leave it be…

  • wow

    when she go to jail it’s gonna be a lot of females talking about they “ate the box”!


    that girl seemed heartbroken after remy ma hung up on her, it looked real to me!!!

  • dayg715

    jackass, you DO NOT choose your orientation. can you wake up tomorrow and decide that you like men? NO. and if you say yes, you’re either lying or gay. you can’t choose what gets your dick hard. it either does or doesn’t, asshole.

  • dayg715

    that post is for “keith”

  • good reads


  • scandalous

    read this!

  • anonymous

    hey keith, doesn’t the Bible also say, “thou shalt not judge thy neighbor”, and “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”? i could’ve also sworn that it said a man who commits fornication WITH A WOMAN WHO IS NOT HIS WIFE is also detestable?

  • lainy

    Ok so if it’s not true somebody put that chick up to it, I find it hard to beleive that she is that big of a Remy fan and really needed to tell the world that she likes to eat her Vjayjay. Remy should have just copped and admitted to it that way when she goes to jail her ass is covered, literally.

  • imrightdammit

    Remy probably was behind the video. She needs PUBLICITY because no one is even thinking about her. Remember that “bad press is better than no press”.

  • lalalatina

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares about her orientation – what’s with the Fergalicious pants??!

  • QG&#@

    And just for the record, Homosexuality is considered an abomination in every religion known to man…Except for Santanism that is. Also the idea of being born gay has been tossed out. It has been disproven in the late 90’s…Please google it.

  • dayg715

    and don’t use donnie mcclurkin’s closeted ass as an example, either. that would just prove my point.

  • Stevie

    You cannot chose your sexuality. I have known for years that I am attracted to men. But I don’t want it this way. I would love to just fit in with other guys, have a traditional family (beautiful wife and kids) but I am just not attracted to women. And until black folk stop all this ignorance about “it being achoice” people like me will always be afraid to come out. Hence the reason why I am on the DL. Educate yorselves people…

  • dayg715

    you need to google again. it was just recently proven that gay people ARE born that way. it’s your way of thinking that went out with the 80’s.

    oh, and fyi, sleeping with a woman that’s not your wife is an abomination, too. and no, girlfriends and baby mamas don’t count.

  • dayg715


  • QG&#@


    First off homo, watch your mouth…Just like a pillow biter, always thinking about assholes…lol

    And for the record I did hear that R kelly has had relationships with men also…He’s just a sick person. And no I cant wake up tomorrow being attracted to a man just like I can’t wake in the morning being attracted to a kid. I also cant wake up tomorrow not liking salt even though I know my family has a history of high blood pressure…Drug addicts can’t wake up tomorrow not wanting drugs or alcohol…

    Everybody has their indiviual battles they have to fight with themselves…None of us are perfect…Your thing is homosexuality…Mine is arrogance(yeah I know) and liking women too much. Im fighting mine so I can make to heaven are you fighting yours?

  • anonymous

    OK!!!! straight people kill me trying to act like homosexuality is the ultimate sin, when they’re even bigger sinners that gay people. i want somebody to show me in the bible where it says that there is no sin greater than being gay. repeat, not that being gay is a sin, show me where it says being gay is the ULTIMATE sin.

  • dayg715

    check it, frustrated closet case, you just proved my point again. you can’t wake up tomorrow and be attracted to men. that means you’re straight. therefore, you can’t choose your sexual orientation. maybe you should be fighting your lack of education, not arrogance.

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