Maybe Jacko Wasn’t Lying

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Posted by Bossip Staff

For those of you who think Michael Jackson’s white face is suspect, here is the story of a Fox television anchor is who literally turning white and has the same disease Jacko claims to have:

His once brown, even complexion is now mottled with pale patches around his eyes and mouth, along his nose and on his ears; his arms, shoulders and chest are speckled and blotched.

“I’m a black man turning white on television and people can see it,” says Thomas, an anchor and entertainment reporter for the local Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate. “If you’ve watched me over the years, you’ve seen my hands completely change from brown to white.”Thomas has vitiligo, a disorder in which pigment-making cells are destroyed. White patches appear on different parts of the body, tissues in the mouth and nose, and the retina.

“There is no cause. There is no cure, and it’s very random,” Thomas says. “I could turn all the way white or mostly white.” As many as 65 million people worldwide have the disorder, including up to 2 million in the United States.

Poor thang.

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  • Pissed Off in New York

    It’s called Vitaligo, and I have it as well. My entire body has turned white. My hair is white/blonde, and I was as chocolate as Oprah once a long, long time ago!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    I’ve always thought that it was quite possible for Wacko Jacko to really have Vitiligo — because my cousin has it and it happen very quickly as he was growing up and he is very embarrassed and ashamed of it.

    So with that said… I agree.

  • Pissed Off in New York


    It is VERY embarrassing. I was black in some places and white in others. It happened right after my son was born, and I keep PRAYING it doesn’t happen to him.

  • likely

    he looks ok.but i think he has something wrong,He was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of his female fans found him on a millionaire&celebs dating club “”. He has a personal account there with his handsome pictures, blog and something about his films, albums…In his friend circle, some other stars can be found there. Of course, many hot girls join in his circle. One of girls there said that they often joked, even flirt with each other.

  • Pissed Off in New York



  • Heather

    if that I happened to me I would die. That is absolutely not cute.

  • Li

    My Aunt had it and when I was growing up I didn’t understand why she looked the way she did, so I always believed MJ. But the cosmetic surgery, thats a different story.

  • TT

    I dont believe MJ. You can look at that fool & tell he has had surgery…..MJ’s face will be on the floor in about 10yrs.

  • FineAsWine


  • FineAsWine


  • SK27

    he was lying just like when he said he only got 1 nose job.

  • Madison

    I’m from Detroit and I watch Fox 2 here and I’m proud of Lee Thomas for coming out with his story. When he’s on the air he wears makeup on his face but he leaves his hands the same. I wish him nothing but the best! Because some people (especially our own black people) can be so insensitive and ignorant sometimes.

  • tinyt

    No, this has no relation to Michael, because he didn’t become “mottled”, “speckled” and “blotched” he became all white all at once. I guess next we’ll hear that his hair is also the result of a medical condition.




  • chris

    mike has vitilago but also with a little help from bleaching screams to speed up the process. I’m suprised his face hasn’t fallen on the floor ten years ago.

  • http://masn Ebo

    I think he is brave for coming out and telling people that this is his condition.Yet,there are blacks that wish they could have this: Self hating suckaz.Those are the ones we should watch out for,ummm Michael Jackson that’s you boy! Other than that we should respect all blacks that are light or dark…

  • Unkle Kracka

    @ merry j blyge

    Heh, heh an i thawt i wuz mean, heh, heh

  • hmmmmm......

    I know someone who has this condition and parts of his faces hands and upper chest have been affected (I haven’t seen the rest of his body). He’s had it for as long as I’ve known him (about 12 yrs.) and when I look at him, I don’t see the lack of color, I just see him. You become accustomed and it’s like not there anymore. I have a birthmark on my face which is kind of around the top part of my eye and goes down a little on my cheek. It’s always been there and I’ve had people tell me that they didn’t even notice it until I pointed it out to them and even when I look in the mirror, I don’t see it unless I actually focus my eyes to see it. We really can train our eyes to see what we want to see.

  • Unkle Kracka

    @ buffie

    are you that jew gal who kills all those draculas on that tv show, heh, heh


    i have RE-VITILIGO, i just keep getting darker, and blacker, and darker and blacker. my gums look like the the back of forrest whitakers neck.

  • MistaO

    Much respect to this man for coming forward and standing strong in light of this condition. For some of you more ignant “people” this is what’s called being a real man!

  • Jamie

    Mike still lying…I still believe Toya…she said he beached his skin…Toya wasn’t lying that JJ was married and she was. It still doesn’t make sense why cut up his nose, lips, chin to look white…


    i have RE-VITILIGO, i just keep getting darker, and blacker, and darker and blacker. my gums look like the the back of forrest whitakers neck.



  • mo'ree

    These dude has white PATCHES it’s not a complete head to toe bleach like micheals…that’s the main difference…


  • Voice of Reason

    Michael has vitiligo.

    Fine. I have a family friend with it. He happens to be white. But I am damned sure if he put makeup on to disguise it, he wouldn’t put on black face.

    Michael could have used makeup the color of his original skin to cover his blemishes. He chose to use chemicals and makeup to fit in with his other image-altering plans: to transform from a black man to a white woman. Everything fits.

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