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Wow… Thighs that don’t touch. Is that magic?

Short Film About Thigh Gaps Causes Uproar Over Body Image And Eating Disorders

The current fixation of women all over the globe (so much so that some even resort to Photoshop or extreme eating disorders) seems to be the thigh gap, so fashion photographer Guy Aroch made a short film called “The Magic Gap” — as a “comment on the mysterious fixation women have.”

The film, which features models Chanel Iman, Gigi Hadad, Elsa Hosk and Alyssa Miller, was posted on for their #DefineBeauty series.

As you can probably imagine the short clip isn’t going over well with everyone, most notably the folks at Shape Magazine who critiqued Aroch’s work thusly:

And his ignorance shows—starting right with the title: “The Magic Gap.” Turning the descriptive thigh gap into something magical is not only confusing, but it elevates it, making it seem enchanting and desirable. Then there’s the actual movie. The video shows ’70s-style pictures of different thigh gaps while random people describe what they think “the magic gap” is. It’s clear from the get-go that no one has the slightest clue, which might have been a good point had he stopped there. But the film is basically two minutes of pelvic exams on supermodels, all of whom have very noticeable gaps. Superimposing “a mystical thing where unicorns and rainbows come out” (as one person put it) over a lingering close-up of a young woman’s crotch ends up feeling more like soft p0rn than empowerment.

After watching, what do you think? Do you agree? Do you think the film would have been better with more critical analysis? Would you be concerned about your daughter or friends if they were fixated on having “thigh gap”?


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