Herd Mentality: Study Proves That Chubby Lumpkins Are Happiest When Sticking Together

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Birds of a feather flock together…especially at KFC, apparently.

Study Finds That “Fat People” Are Happiest In Similar Weight Groups

A new study has proven that larger people are happiest when they remain in community groups of like-weighted individuals. However that contentement doesn’t necessarily come from the ability to hit the buffet together, but moreso from the lack of judgement and stigma placed on them by having skinnier peers. Via MailOnline:

Overweight people can be just as happy as their skinny friends – as long as they are surrounded by others of a similar shape.

How your figure compares with others in the community is key when it comes to feeling good about yourself, a study has found.

The finding could explain why more than three-quarters of people in some towns are overweight or obese, as couch potato lifestyles and unhealthy diets become the norm.

The U.S. researchers found most people are absolutely content – even if they are out of shape – as long as most of those around them are wobbling about as well.

Sociologist Philip Pendergast said: ‘The most interesting finding for us was in U.S. counties where obesity is particularly prevalent, being obese has very little negative effect on one’s life satisfaction.

‘In addition, we found being ‘normal weight’ has little benefit in counties where obesity is especially common.

‘This illustrates the importance of looking like the people around you when it comes to satisfaction with life.’

He added that obesity does not seem to be the main reason obese people are less satisfied with life.

Rather, it is the ‘stigmatisation’ of being abnormal that causes them to feel low.

Well this certainly explains that one group of big chicks always in the club together!

But in all seriousness, we have got to stop thinking this way. If a group of fat friends inspire each other to stay fat…couldn’t at least one fit friend change the dynamic?

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