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Lil Wayne talks about future plans:

“When I’m 30 or 35, I don’t want to be into this s**t no more. I want to own a basketball team or some kind of team. That’s why I’m in the studio every night. Now, I’m 25. You think I’m gonna be doing this s**t 10 years from now? Or even five? That’s my drive.”

Damn, Weezy don’t leave us. Who else will we be able to count on to speak with more entertaining vernacular than he? For real though, glad that he’s thinking of the future, but come on people, let’s be original. We’re beginning to see a trend in this rapper-turned-sports-team-owner thing.


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  • marv


  • marv

    and you aint going to be miss

  • bobshiddgi

    OMG.I still love his music. Did you see his new video on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called “Searching Millionaire. com “? many fans voted for it there.

  • samira

    Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit cha where the good Lord split cha!

  • Slick Willy

    “but come on people, let’s be original. We’re beginning to see a trend in this rapper-turned-sports-team-owner thing.”

    SO! That’s the kind of hating azz comments that keep us down as a race. Not only is being able to own a pro team a huge accomplishment by a black man but it’s also an investment. Something that we as a people NEED to be encouraging to do not knocking.

    And even if TRIES to get to that point but falls short he will still be on a level far bigger than hosting and commenting on celebrity blogs.

  • me that's who


  • Ms. Lovely

    Lil Wayne is the best. Love his swagger. His lyrics. People give the man credit, he knows it is a business and he knows how to keep everyones attention with the crazy comments he gives to the media, he is playing the game and making his money. I am a 34 year old black female and I love it. Team Lil Wayne.

    Ms. Lovely

  • mo'ree

    Thank GOD! At least i know there is an end to this ish…. so what 5 years to go??? *sets reminder on calendar*


    smells like a jay z wanna be to me

  • Keeping It Real

    @Covergirl….What you said…lol

  • weezy

    Didn’t Waynes age became public when he got arrested?He is like 28, well he got 2 years to get hundreds of millions of dollars.

    You are not going to be able to buy a team selling records and doing concerts. And white people aren’t gonna go to a game where the owner said he would kill babies anyway. They will shut you down

  • shann934

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  • Crap Talker...

    I think Weezy has got a good head on his shoulders. What’s wrong with aspiring to be like the best in the game to ever do it…ya man Hova?

  • mrssexcee1RepNYC4LYFENeedsTankandIdris!

    that picture shows lil wayne saying ILL EAT YOUR BABIES … CUZ IM WEEZY F. BABY

  • Bahama Mama


    Sometimes he speaks sense? HMM….whatever he lit up must have been that inspirational weed.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    I don’t see him having enough money to own a damn thing. 5 and 10 years sounds like a long time to him, but rest assured if he is still selling he will still be rapping in 5 and 10 years. Youth kill me whith their limited view.

  • litert

    He is cool with that sunglasses! He was said to be found at a millionaire&celebs club ‘Meet Rich,com’ not long before, and he was hot there.Quite a few girls and ladies wrote to him.OMG!

  • mrssexcee1RepNYC4LYFENeedsTankandIdris!

    shut the hell up!!!litert^^^^^^ lol beats with a dirty towel

  • Traycee

    Hmmmmm, I wonder to whom he was referring? First, it appears as if he is giving this particular person their props. BUT, in the same breath he totally tried to play him.

    Weezy Eff Baby……..SIT DOWN AND STFU!!!!!!!

  • cat4everrr

    i wish he would fade away. he’s an embarrement to all black people. he’s a hoodlum and a thug

  • FineAsWine


  • cat4everrr

    he need to sit his ignorant tail down, come to jesus or something

  • cat4everrr

    if i had to choose between not having his music and him sitting down somewhere and stop embarressing black folk i would choose the later.

  • Kdogg

    I also agree with Slick Willy. Owning a sports team is an accomplishment. Better than owning a pit bull kennel that may end up being “Bad Newz.” (dA dUM cHING)

  • Tuff Luck

    once again…he’s on jay’s nuts….smh

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