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American Psychologiacal Association Study: Meek Mill Music Therapy For Black Youth

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Rap music is a diverse genre that divided by its own sub genres as well as regions and sometimes moods. While the latter is definitely relatable to serious rap fans, the American Psychological Association believes there is some substance to that usage. Recently the APA published an article about a study on rap music and how it affects black youth and their subject was none other than Meek Mill.

The study was conducted by doctoral candidate Cendrine Robinson, who became a therapist for young teen boys, mostly black, that were on probation. She stumbled upon the idea of hip hop therapy by reading different books and earlier studies. Robinson recollected the research after she was making slow progress with getting through to the teens and soon discovered some of the artists that the boys were listening to. One day, while at home, she overheard lyrics from the “Dreams and Nightmares” album her husband was playing and decided to look more into the music. In the article, Robinson examines the content from Mill’s album, which includes numerous references to his father being killed and the affect it has had on him

“In the song ‘Traumatized’ there are clear examples of Mill’s exposure to trauma including the violent murders of his father and friends. He acknowledges the experience of nightmares when he describes waking up with chills,” writes Robinson. “Mill describes his efforts to avoid thoughts of the trauma by using drugs. Finally, he describes his desire to engage in reckless behavior when he threatens to commit homicide.”

Robinson adds that some of those same behaviors were shown in the teens that she counseled. In addition to that, she believes that a lot of the
However, Robinson believes that despite the dark recollections, Mill is shedding some light at the end of the tunnel.

“Telling his story through music allows him to grapple with his stressors in a way that is positive,” said Robinson. “Most current psychological interventions for youth fail to acknowledge the power of using rap music to help heal our youth. Hip hop therapy is one of few treatments that incorporate an approach that is truly sensitive to the culture of many Black youth.”



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