Hate It Or Love It?!? Fashion Critic Twitter Rih-acts To Rihanna’s Racy CFDA Dress

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Gather ’round Stans, fans, haters, and debaters it’s time to voice your meaningless opinion

Last night Robyn Rihanna Fenty said “yes” to the dress, and not much else. The piff-puffin’ pop star stepped on the red carpet of the CFDA Fashion Awards and allowed us to feast our eyes on her glorious goodies. Although we should all be used to seeing Rihanna bare her bosoms and backside, for some reason her revealing get ups always seem to incite shock, thirst, and in some cases, anger.

Give it a flip to read and see some of the funniest, shadiest, and most outraged Twitter reactions to Rihanna’s dress.

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Werk bish!

The Hive vs. The Navy?

Spot. On.

No tellin’ what Chris would do to Rih-Rih after spending all that time in the bing.

Don’t you have to be a lil’ brave to be a fashion icon? Just sayin’…

Hell nah! LOL

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    Super Slorey She-ro Squad

    Bring ’em out, bring ’em out, bring ’em out, bring ’em out! It’s hard to yell when them tiddays in yo’ mouth!

    Keep your pants, bro.

    You hate that the world likes nekkid bodies? Hope this chick isn’t an animal “lover”.


    If they kicked Rihanna off, then your 82 follower-havin’ azz has ZERO chance.

    Someone needs a lil’ self-esteem…and maybe a personal trainer?


    They never judge “us” on the same standards.

    This is an actual debate??? SMH.

    To which rapper do you think this statement applies? We can think of several…

    You should go back to school. Don’t let a dress outdo your life.

    Maybe those “dudes” are horny for other dudes.

    You know good and damn well that the ambitious THOTs have been up ALL night cutting and sewing so they can post pics this morning.

    Youse a fool! LOL

    Mr. Officer never wanted to use handcuffs so bad in his life.

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