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And the dog’s name was Bullet…sheesh.

Police Kill Family Dog When Responding To Home Alarm

We’ve seen several incidents where cops just come in guns blazing and ask questions later. The latest comes at the expense of the one Texas family’s beloved pet Rottweiler. Via MailOnline:

A Texas family is demanding answers from police who responded to their home after its alarm system was activated – and shot dead their beloved dog.

Hope and Russell Lane were stunned when Round Rock Police phoned them to say there had been an ‘incident’ concerning their Rottweiler, Bullet, at their home on Friday.

The eight-year-old pet had been shot five times after officers fired seven bullets inside the home.

‘I’m just standing here trying to figure out how to start our life over. Without our son, our dog,’ Mrs Lane told My Fox Austin.

The Lanes’ granddaughter had forgotten to shut the door all the way after she left for school that morning, leaving the door to blow open and trigger the alarm, KVUE reported.

Mr Lane disarmed the alarm from his cell phone at work, but officers still responded to the address.

Surveillance footage taken outside the family’s home shows one officer cautiously opening the front door before shouting inside and reaching for his gun. Two other officers follow him inside.
Round Rock authorities said they came across the 120-pound Rottweiler, who became aggressive toward them. They fired seven bullets.

By the time Mrs Lane returned home, Bullet was gone and his blood had been cleaned up. There were bullet holes in the wall and on the couch where he slept.

‘I thought my dog would still be there,’ she said. ‘I may have wanted to bury my dog in my backyard. Who told you to take my dog away?’

She added that there was a sign outside the home reading, ‘Rottweilers on duty’. It is displayed in a front window by the door, but officers said they did not see it.

‘I obviously have a sign that I have a dog,’ she said. ‘You know to be cautious [when you see it].’

The couple also insisted that the dog, who suffered from hip dysplasia, was not aggressive. Images of the family on Facebook show him licking the relatives’ faces.

Officers have met with the family to explain what happened, but the family continues to seek justice and demand that responding officers are better trained to deal with dogs.

Round Rock authorities are still investigating the incident.

Of course a dog acts aggressive when random strangers burst in! That is what he’s SUPPOSED to do. But from all family accounts it sounds like the dog likely didn’t do anything at all. The way these scaredy-cat officers act, the family is probably lucky they didn’t shoot the little girl. SMH

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