Kids and Guns

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Here is a video of Prodigy from Mobb Deep teaching his son how to fire a “shotty” on his 7th birthday. Any thoughts?

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  • Ms. Lovely

    First, always wanted to do that.

    Ms. Lovely

  • Ms. Lovely

    Being a woman I can’t comment on what a man should teach his son. I do appriciate the fact that at least the man is trying to show is son something and is interested and involed in raising his son.

    Ms. Lovely

  • Kay

    Prodigy needs his ass beat!!! Where the hell is CPS? Instead of ivestigating parents who spank their children, they need to have their noses all in this type of sh*t!!!!

  • Kay

    Ms. Lovely, are you serious?? If he wants to teach him something, teach him to read!!!! Teach him how to be a man, not another wanna be thug out on the streets!!!

  • basketball

    Teach the kid to read good books, study, learn, speak properly and become smart, not how to shoot people in the head.

  • FyreStarrter

    @ Key, yeah I don’t have any other words for this mess, you said it perfectly!! SMDH!!!!


    Roll for Dolo?

    Prodigy is crazy.. not for teaching his son how to shoot a gun.. but for the fact his silly ass posted it on youtube.

    Better daddy show his son how to shoot then your local street thugs..but who knows??

  • Soul Cry

    Well…many hill billies think that it is okay to teach their children to fire a weapon. Seen as a right of passage.

    That being said, it’s pathetic. Teach him to read a book. Teach him to aspire to his full potential. Teach him that the Most High has great expectations for him.

  • kee

    wowwwww ms. lovely…U WOULD BE THE TYPE OF HEFFA THATS DOWN TO LET YOUR CHILD BE TAUGHT SOMETHING AS IGNORANT AS THIS……thats is what wrong with people today…to stupid to raise a child…….and dumb enough to let men like this be around them….



  • NAIS

    “thoughts”? funny..obviously Prodigy hasnt had one in a minute

  • Dee

    All of you MF on here don’t know nothing about raising a boy. Nothing is wrong with teaching your kid how to use a gun. All you have to do is let him know right from wrong. Guns are sometimes used as selfdefense!!! Go back and read the bible and you will see where men of GOD makes them young kids kill

    a evil MF with the sword.

  • Hemi

    Hello, white people take their kids to the shooting range all day long. That’s why they know how to shoot schools and malls up. My father took me to the range, and I feel confident with a fire arm in my hand and looks can be deceiving, a child might save your life with a strap. If it was illegal little white people would be in jails as much as Hispanic and Black people. Plus if you teach a child how to respect a weapon they will handle it better than all these idiots, mesmerized by them and killing people senselessly.

  • Sim1

    I think at age 7, it is impossible to teach a child to use a gun responsibly. Black men are constantly killed and jailed due to gun violence. I’m sure he wasn’t teaching him to shoot because he’s gonna take him out to the woods to shoot deer! And even if he were its still not right. The boy is too young to be holding a gun. And with his father, Prodigy, glorifying murder and guns in his music..and I’m sure his son has seen his videos and knows all the lyrics……come on.

  • 504okaay

    Soul Cry

    Well…many hill billies think that it is okay to teach their children to fire a weapon. Seen as a right of passage.



  • Tinkerbella

    Nothing like a little violence on a Wednesday. Nothing says ignorant folk like that video. When I was 7 I wished for a sundae from Friendly’s. It’s one thing for an adult to part of the delinquency that infests our neighborhoods. It’s another for him to be training a future thug. Repulsive!

  • Tinkerbella

    Yes, hil billies do it. They usually tend to shoot deer and quail. Prodigy promotes shooting human, two-legged targets. Thats the problem.

  • Sim1

    The issue is not about what white ppl allow their children to do. We’re talking about this particular individual. The lyrics, the criminal record, the glorifying of murder in his music (whether its for entertainment or not)..and teaching his child fire a gun..Its just doesn’t feel like a good, RESPONSIBLE mix. Again, talking about Prodigy and HIS son. I’m sure there are ppl who use guns responsibly, but he doesn’t strike me as any kind of role model, I’m sorry. And don’t get me wrong, I like Mobb Deep–will bump their songs all day long..but this doesn’t seem right to me. IMO, of course.

  • Kay

    Ummm, Dee, I have two sons, and their father and I are not about to teach them how to shoot a damn gun!!! That is foolishness at it’s worst! All I can say is, parents you need to raise your children right, before the county jail does it for you!

  • justmoi

    @ Ms. Lovely

    You believe that because you’re a woman it’s not your place to comment on what a man should teach his son, but as a mother of a son I can catergorically say that if my son’s father thought that this was performing his fatherly duties, I would keep him the hell away from my child. To me this is NOT a display of parental love. Are we not as parents supposed to want better for our children, I co-sign with everybody else on here who believes he should be prioritising on instilling values and education as a MAN and a FATHER!

  • Ms. Lovely

    Love all the comments. I don’t believe in judging, that is just me. Plus I believe if you make something taboo to a child it will make them more interested in it, so maybe (giving the him the benefit of the doubt) he wants to responsibly show his son about guns. We have to accept Americans have the right to bear arms.

    Ms. Lovely

  • Traydayz

    Funny how most people on here look at that as a future thug, criminal, etc. If Prodigy was a white man teaching his son to shoot everybody on here would have thought it would have been for hunting. The self racism on here is sickening.

  • K1

    I don’t know why anyone is even trippin, those rednecks teach their kids how to hunt and shoot at the same age, matter of fact its a right of passage for those hicks.

  • Bird

    Lawd help us all. I guess we should just hope he gets life on his first murder so he doesn’t get the chance to kill a bunch of folks with his killer aim.

  • Tinkerbella

    Self racism? His father speaks of murder and violence. Do you really think Prodigy associates “gun” with “law abiding citizen exercising their 2nd amendment right?

  • Tinkerbella

    If you make it taboo it will be more interesting? My father kept me away from crack….I never found that to be interesting.

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