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Here is recent picture of Ice-T and his wife, Coco, ho-ing it up on stage somewhere.

Fill in The Blank: Ice-T married a trailer park ho because________________.

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  • mo'ree

    b/c no self respecting woman would do that ish right thur SMH


    bytch what you doing??

    what you asked papi?

    dont make me cut u

  • mo'ree

    can i add yuck and FIRST!!! *waits for prize money*

  • Soul Cry

    …these two are some serious freaks….

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    WTF??? I know he is an old pimp but this shyt is ri-damn-diculous!!!

  • Mr O Dot

    CoCo on that coke

    that’z how Ice-Tizzle keeps her in line

  • Zero Soul

    Because she thought he said he was the “HOriginal gangsta.”

  • Oreo Cookie Willie

    God i love white women. Ice-T’s livin’ the dream.

  • Mr O Dot


  • justme

    eewwwwwwwww no class or self respect, that shyt is just gross!

  • Me

    because shes hot!!!?????

  • And Another One...

    His wig pushing back. Where were they on stage? At a sex party? There is no shame in CoHO’s HO game.

  • bree

    lmfao..nasty put some clothes on i told ya, dont walk out ya house w/o clothes nasty girl..

  • Ms. Lovely

    I feel so much better about myself. The next time I feel like calling off of work, I’ll think of that picture and thank the Lord I have enough self respect to get up, get out and get something.

    Not hating or judging but there are better ways to make a buck.

    Ms. Lovely

  • justmoi

    ….to try and prove how much of a pimp he really is, who else is a pimp gonna settle with but a ho’!

  • Bahama Mama

    uh eww @ the pic


    she makes him feel young and up beat again…

  • Anonymous

    because she’s not black

  • Baby Please
  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    Again I ask WHEN DID THESE TWO GET MARRIED?? I mean LEGALLY? They have both said they are not married I don’t know HOW many times but everyone keeps saying the are!!! He was with his baby mama for 17 years and they didn’t get married so I believe em’.

    But come to think about it….I DON’T care lol!!!

  • Mr O Dot

    @ anonymous, more accurate statement is that everyone here is hatin cuz she aint black

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    You know what is so funny…if Ice-T or Coco read our comments they would think we were just “hating”!!! HA,HA this chick got her silicone tits (with visible scar marks) exposed for the world to see and “we” would be the ones hating.

    Thank God I’m not one of those chicks who depends on a man for money b.cuz this is all this is about. She will do WHATEVA to satisfy his needs…even if it mean compromising her dignity or self-respect. WHY? B.cuz she NEEDS him…that lil bit of modeling she does is not buying no mansions, shopping sprees, and exotic vacations.

    I’m young…wearing BCBG boots and a Dolce & Gabanna dress shirt looking classy…getting paid as we speak…and keeping my self-respect while doing it!!! Looking at this picture really makes me laugh…b.cuz Coco really thinks she is doing the damn thing!!!


    Thats some real off the chain pimpin right there. He just took the pimp game to another level. Pimp on Ice-Berg

  • Soul Cry

    I actually saw a show about Coco…I actual like her and her family (mother and sister). Her mother’s been through hell in back with cancer.

    I ain’t mad at Ice…we don’t live for long, if she brings back his youth…hey, who am I to be pissed.

  • Bird

    because he is a trailer park ho.

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