For Discussion: Don Lemon Says Black People Are Blame For Justin Bieber Thinking It’s Ok To Say “N****r”

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Does “bad-azz Bieber” get a pass to say the n-word because black people use it?

Don Lemon Blames Black People For Justin Bieber Using The N-Word

Resident Hollyweird wild child Justin “Bad Azz” Bieber continues to face endless backlash after old video tapes of him using the n-word repeatedly while making a racist joke surfaced, but CNN host Don Lemon says black people themselves may be to blame.

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Pop star Justin Bieber is under fire this week, and it has nothing to do with drunken drag racing. Multiple recordings have surfaced in which Bieber uses the “n-word,” once in a racist joke and another in a parody of his own song. And apparently, there’s more where those came from.

On Thursday, CNN’s Don Lemon used his regular appearance on Tom Joyner’s radio show to address Bieber’s repeated use of the offending word and ask whether culture as a whole deserves some of the blame.

“Some are saying Bieber is racist,” Lemon said. “Is he? I don’t know. But I do know that this is the danger of the proliferation of the use of the n-word.” He said people hear the word in music and on the street to the point where “subliminally the become immune.” And he recalled times he has heard it recently in public, from and about people of all ethnicities.

“Clearly Justin Bieber, a young man who by the way, has immersed himself in black, hip hop culture should not be saying the n-word,” Lemon concluded. “So the question is, if you want people like Justin Bieber to stop using it and to stop making excuses for using it, shouldn’t you do the same?”

The debate of whether or not African-Americans should refrain from using the n-word if they don’t want people of other races using it is nothing new, but shouldn’t Justin Bieber be held accountable for his own actions, as it’s no secret that the use of the word by white people is widely consider offensive and racist?

Let’s discuss.

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